Describe your band and your sound to our readers, please. Are there some bands you could be compared with?
 T > If you'd take Autopsy and Death influenced them with Finnish Death Metal pioneers and asked them to play Beherit you would come pretty close.
 Y > We are heavy and ruthless, a disgusting mass of pure filth formed to abolish all thats cool and acceptable in the modern world.

How did you come to pick this name for your band? What does it represent, aside of the evident goat-reference to your expression's satanic side?
 T > Aside the goat reference it is a strong old Finnish word, and as we wanted to do music in Finnish language it was choosen. It also represents band's carnal, perveted side along the more spiritual side, as it at least for me brings Baphomet in mind.
 Y > I love the effect our name has on certain people. Usually it ends the conversation or at least leads to some other topic than what I do on my free time. I hope it's not a dying word, as it really is a great example of the power of old Finnish language.

How was Huoripukki born; how did the band originally come together and find it's own direction?
 T > We didn't start as Huoripukki. I and Ylijoki had played in the same band from the time I was on the seventh grade, and at 2007 we felt the urge to play the metal of death and so we changed our name to Huoripukki and started to play Death Metal which had slowly possessd us.
 Y > I was originally introduced to Talpio by some random chick from the same class I was on. As we got rid of the rest of the original group we found the path we still ride as one on our unholy quest.

You've had some line-up changes, did these happen for personal reasons or did the members have different views on where to develope your sound?
 Y > Both. Emofags and mentals.
 T > People just have lost their motivation to play.

How's the situation with your current line-up?
 T > Everything is going well for once and everyone is contributing to our cause.
 Y > Sailin' steady! Just waiting for the financially-challenged city to repair our rehearsal place.

One can safely say that you've been quite a bit influenced by bands such as Slayer, Morbid Angel, and various other American pioneers. Still, you're not a copycat band. Are there some things you're consciously trying to do differently than the aforementioned names, or do you let the music come out as it naturally does?
 T > We play Death Metal, of course we are influenced by the best.
 Y > We are Huoripukki, not an Autopsy coverband. Things just come naturally as they are. If something sounds like it's from a 90's Death Metal record, then it sounds like it should be. They found the way, we follow their steps, proud as fuck.

You also have some influence from the most primitive and violent Black Metal, meaning names such as VON, Beherit, and so on. How does this show in your output in your opinion, aside of the lyrical themes?
 Y > The overall atmosphere. Listening to Bathory while walking in the frozen woods is an experience with consequences.
 T > We are keeping it in the essentials. Strip off the shit and worship death.

Are you more of a Satanic band or a Death Metal band, which of these aspects gains more weight in your expression? At least your visual side is going towards a darker and more satanic expression with each release.
 T > Well if you put it that way, then I have to say we play Satanic Death Metal. For me Death Metal is Satanic music all the way. I don't see why they should be separated. So I don't see that either one of them close the other one out. When you work for the Devil, then you do the Devil's work.
 Y > ”Brutal rampage! Destroy the house of Christ!”

While we're on topic: why are your lyrics in Finnish? Aren't you afraid that your message goes to waste, so to say, due to your listeners not understanding the lyrics?
 T > We are Finns so why wouldn't we sing in Finnish? For me it is a natural choice to sing in ones mother tongue as self-expression is more pure that way. And by writing the lyrics in Finnish, I really have to try to write something meaningful, as when writing English it's just too easy to put "cool" words one after another. One reason to sing in Finnish is the brutality of the language, the pronouncement is so violent. For example the words: "Perkele" and "Huora" really got the Finnish edge.

What is the message of Huoripukki, or what (ideology) does the band stand for?
 T > To purify one through the burning flame of hate and by the means of systematic desecration to purge the essence from so called truths, and to rise with the pure essence from the ashes being more than a human can ever be.
 Y > Stop the faggotry and be what you want to be. Shut the TV and observe your true self for a while. Under all those masks is just a slave of the never ending need to copulate.

How are your tracks usually formed? It seems that Mr. Talpio is the man behind these things; is he a leader of your band, so to say, or do you make the decisions about the band's style and future as a group?
 T > Usually the composer of the song brings it to the rehersal, then we start to play it and eventually it comes clear will it be accepted. I am more an organiser than a tyrant, we are a band and we make the decisions together.
 Y > We are a group and work as one. It's easy to drop all the shit out when there are 3 critics mocking you.

You've this far recorded your demos with very unpolished and raw sounds, and to my understanding the second demo was recorded live. Is this to stand out, to bring a certain atmosphere, or what's the reason behind this? Is the band going to continue recording in this vein?
 T > Raw music, raw sounds. We play Death Metal and the sounds have to support the songs. And as you said this kind of sound summons the atmosphere we are looking for.
  Yes the second demo was a live recording, last time we were in a studio. The way we record is based upon the resources and situation we have.
 Y > If it was for me, we would only record live. Nothing beats the feeling of a live ritual.

Your '09-demo had quite a lot of Thrash Metal-influences and it was overall very raw, but the demo from 2010 was a lot more based on dark and heavier atmosphere. Do you yet have plans on which way to continue now?
 T > We are taking our sound more and more heavier and darker way
 Y > Down there...

You're not the most active band around; you've kept making one demo per year since '08, but you rarely make live gigs. Are you more of a studio- or even a project-band, or why is this?
 T > The reason why we haven't made so many gigs is because of our line-up changes and also the fact that there are not too many places to play live when you are pretty much nobody. If it would be for me to decide, then we would be playing live all the time.
  We are not a studio-band and definately not a project, we rehearse every week and so. Altough couple of weeks ago our rehersal place suffered some lovely water damage and was filled knee-high with shitwater. Praise the almighty Jesus!

How much do you overall promote or advertise your band? To me it has seemed that you've wanted to keep a low profile and stay underground: is this true, or do you have some "bigger goals" you'd like to achieve?
 T > With our music it isn't hard to stay underground. We are not trying to aim higher than we know is realistic. The biggest goal I can think of is holding a Huoripukki Lp in my hands.
 Y > We trade away everything we make. I'm still waiting for the groupies.

What's the band's current situation, and what plans do you have for the band's future? Any releases coming up or being planned?
 T > We were supposed to do a rehersal tape at the summer and a demo now on autumn, but thanks to the water damage it's hard to say when they will be made, altough the material itself is pretty much ready. But atleast the demo will be made as quickly as possible. We are also trying to get some gigs organized and maybe record a kickass split. Next year will propably be pretty quiet as 3/4 of us are going to the army.

Do you have any other (musical or other) projects going on that you'd like to mention here?
 Y > Nothing worth mentioning. Just jamming some sludge and doom.

Now it's time for the questions I ask from each band. This doesn't really concern your band I'd think, but: your views on music piracy? How about official digital/mp3-releases?
 T > If you don't appreciate the band, artists and their work, then piracy is your way to go. I think that idea of only digitally released album etc.. is stupid. You should be able to hold the physical recording in your hand to see the artwork and read the lyrics. Albums should be overall pieces of art.
  One thing that is also really weak, are the tickets that nowdays come with mainstream albums, that give you a chance to download a digital version of the album. Why the fuck would you buy a Lp, if you are just going to listen it with your mp3-player?

If you could change one or two things in the world, what would they be?
 T > I would ship us back to the third century.
 Y > The price of alcohol. And all women should be sluts.

Your thoughts about these three things: Music, Human, God?
 T > Music is my path of self-expression. We humans are weak beings, who cherish the idea of being meaningful in this universe. Only by embracing an Idea humans existence becomes at faintly meaningful. Men die, Ideas are eternal.
  For me God means the absolute thousand faced monolith of existence, a power that can only be worshipped, a mystery to be unveiled.
 Y > Something to live through, something to live as, something to live for.

And finally: Why should our readers listen to Huoripukki?
 T > Death Metal for maniacs pure!
 Y > Because the end is near.
 T > All hail Satan!
 Rest of the band > Yes hail SATAN!

Big thanks for the interview. May your flame keep on burning bright.