First off, tell us something about your project. What is it that defines the improvised noise of M! and it's sound? Are there some bands that M! could be compared with, in one way or another?
 E > A possible definition is "the Art Ensamble of Chicago who crash really slowly with Napalm Death"
  I think in music all can be compared with all, M! too, I don't know with who or what, but I like to know what the listeners think.

How did you originally get interested in experimental music and noise , and how did you begin to make such music yourself? I remember you saying that you have some musical training, is this correct?
 E > I listen every kind of music but i really get interested in experimental music and noise after a couple of free concerts at Sound Metak (it's a good music shop in Milan where you can listen a live experimental project every sat), before those concerts i play latin, funk or acoustic rock.
  I was tired about that static situation (the same covers with the same people in the same places!) so i decided to play more free ... and I receive a lot of compliments and proposals for collaborations! So i understand that to follow my instincts is the best thing I can do!
  I've studied latin percussions (congas over all) and drums for a bunch of years but I never was an orthodox...

What inspires your musical works today?
 E > Free Jazz, european radical impro, the noise of the streets, Dadaism, traditional musics from all over the world...

As stated before, M! performs improvised noise. How did you come to perform wholly improvised songs with M! instead of some well thought-out and composed songs?
 E > I like free jazz where "improvise all" is normal ...

What is the aim of your music? Is it just self-expression, or do you have some kind of a sound you're going for, or a feeling or an idea that you're trying to deliver to your listeners?
 E > I'm not interested in delivering any message to anyone, in general my music can be an expression of the moment I live or a research about the possible sounds of my selfmade instruments, but somentimes I'm looking for a particular sound to work with (for example: I record the sound of rain beating on the scaffolding outside my appartment to use it in a track).

Before you start recording, do you have a vision of the songs' theme, overall sound or the used instruments, or are the songs made from some of your jams that just happened to be recorded?
 E > A lot of "songs" are born during solitary jams. Sometimes I choose some instruments and I start to play with just them, it's like a challenge.

One of the instruments you use is "chitarraxu," which is something that you've constructed yourself. Would you like to tell us something about this instrument?
 E > Is possible to define it like a "table guitar" made with really cheap wood. It has 4 strings. I play chitarraxu with any sort of things, with the fingers, with metal or wood sticks, with screws, with an abrasive sponge and more, to create a lot of different sounds.
  Now I've made a new chitarraxu, smalled and lighter than the first.

I have noticed that the project executes a broad scale of different styles through different instruments, from bare guitar improvisations to edited speech samples. What are the things that bind these records together, and define the sound of M! no matter what the musical style is?
 E > Yes, the releases are quite different. M! is a free form project, maybe this is the "fil rouge" which connects all of them.
  BAADER is my other solo project, the style is more defined and harshnoise-oriented but it is in quiescence at this moment...

Do you have some specific experimentations or try-outs in mind when thinking of the project's future?
 E > M! is a solo project and I'd like to develop its expressive possibility, I'm thinking about a solo performance which would combine a drum kit, self-made instruments, objects, samples, cassettes, vinyl... but my goal is to collaborate with more different artists (musicians and non-musicians) when possible, I'm sure it's the right and more funny way to grow up and create good music.

Is M! a political project, or do you have some ideologies you're promoting with it? I noticed that you took part on the "Impetus vol. 1" anti-fascist compilation with the track "No Pasaran!".
 E > None of my projects are born to promote political ideologies, but I have political ideas...

Speaking of M!'s future: what are your future plans? Any new releases coming up or being planned?
 E > There are a couple of ideas buzzing in my mind... an heavy distorted bluegrass duo|trio (i really like american old time music!), and a collaboration with IOIOI about a noise + butoh dance project.

You release your music as heavily DIY-based and small pressings. Do you have any plans on releasing a more "officially" manufactured record with a larger press run in the future? How do you advertise your project(s), or do you advertise or spread the word at all?
 E > My self-releases still remain in ridiculously limited edition presses because I'm too lazy and penniless to do it in a different way.
  For more "official" recs i preferer to entrust in little labels who I know and like. I just made a little spam on myspace to promote my recs.

On a related note: what is your target audience, or what kind of people might get the most out of your music?
 E > Maybe curious people...

I know that you've made gigs with some of your projects, but has M! performed live? If yes, are the live gigs planned events at all, or do you try to make them as surprising as possible for both you and the audience? Is it an all-music experience or do arrange some visual entertainment as well?
 E > M! is born like a "studio" project but now i'm thinking to work to a live (all-music) perfomance like I wrote above.

You mentioned a bar in your vicinity which often held experimental music gigs. Are there a lot of other gig possibilities in your area for experimental groups, and what kind of a "scene" do you have there?
 E > There are a couple of places for experimental groups here, but I don't feel myself as a part of a real scene at this moment...

You have a great deal of bands and projects going on. Would you like to tell us something about your different projects and their current situations and news?
 E > EIERKOCH-AUTOMAT is an instant composing duo where I play a minimal drumkit + objects and samples with an eclectic sax player (he plays clatinet, different exotic flutes, whistles and plastic pipes too). A CD is coming out through the italian label HysM?
  EIERKOCH-AUTOMAT + the drone noise trio SUBURBAN HOWL form a quintet called OJODORO, we have release a diy-cassette and a CD is coming out on Scorze Rec.
  AAM! is a duo with AALDO, a doublebass player. We live in 2 different cities far more than 1000 kms, I rec some impro with my selfmade instruments, objects and samples and send the files to him. He recs his impros and then mixes the material before to re-sending it all to me, and if we are satisfied we'll make a diy-CD or eventually contact a label. AAM! has released 3 mini-CDs and a CD is out on HysM?
  M! & M? is my "transoceanic duo" with Bob Marsh, what I have to say? He's a crazy genius! I hope he comes to Italy next year. I have a contact with the Italian anarchist label Stella*Nera rec to release something from this project.
  NOT NOW is a montly multidisciplinary event where I've played for circa 1 year.
  Last but not least TELLUS is a drone doom duo born just a couple of weeks ago, where I play drums with a bass player|noisemaker. We are interested in deep ecology, social ecology, primitivism and anti-civilization ideas and we are going to work on a very long track about the civilization steps.

The regular questions. What is your view on music piracy?
 E > It's a good thing!

If you could change one or two things in the world, what would those things be?
 E > ... to change myself is hard enough!

Your thoughts about these four small words: music, noise, human, god?
 E > music - my one and only love, it saves me a lot of times
noise - is there a difference from music?
human - a strange form of life
god - who?

And, now, you can convert our readers. Why should they listen to M! or at least check your music out?
 E > M! is just a very small thing, there is a lot of really good improvisers to listen and discover, i hope your readers are more curious about this music now.

Thanks for taking your time to answer our questions.