Hello Burden and welcome to AHZ.
 B > Hello AHZ, glad to be here.

How are you at the moment?
 B > We're fine. We're just composing new songs and practicing hard for our next gig which is in Joensuu on the 12th of February.

Burden was founded in 2008. So you're pretty new band. What made young guys like you to play Death / Thrash Metal?
 B > We just enjoy extreme metal so much. We're all into old school-types of music and really enjoy music in it's most brutal and passionate form.

You changed name from Morning Star to Burden sometime ago. Was there any big reason to this?
 B > We weren't happy with the old name so we decided to change the name into a better one that we all liked.

What kind of feedback have you got from your first demo "Burden"?
 B > It's been quite positive mostly. The negative comments have mostly been about the vocals which honestly are quite weak. We're happy that our vocalist Sami has improved his vocals very much during the last year.

Does Burden have any plans for new releases? Maybe new demo release soon?
 B > Yeah, we've been composing many new songs, which are in our opinion much better than the old ones. We'll go to record an EP during the spring. Maybe in March or April.

Burden is still unsigned band. Has Burden got any suggestions from record labels yet? Are you even searching record label?
 B > We aren't looking for a record label yet and haven't got any suggestions, maybe after the upcoming EP is released.

How much has Burden done live gigs? Many live gigs coming in 2010?
 B > We have done 3 gigs and are about to play our fourth on the 12th of February. 2010 will have a lot of gigs, We're sure about it.

What things inspire Burden to make music? For example does Finnish nature inspire you?
 B > We're inspired by many things. Basically hatred towards organized religions, posers (people who don't really are who they pretend to be), Finnish nature of course, hatred, the dark side of humanity etc.

Thanks for the interview guys. Keep on with good music. Any last words?
 B > Thank you for the questions. Keep on listening to our music and remember to check out our new EP during the spring!