Please introduce your band for those who haven't heard of you yet.
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Left Cold is a hardcore band from Hämeenlinna, Finland. We are: Tatu-Guitar, Jose-Bass, Lassi-Drums, Elias-Guitar, Joonas-Vocals.

What does Left Cold sing about?
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Most of my lyrics are about injustice that people or other creatures have to deal with in this world, or about the pressure to fit into the standards that prevail in our society. Some are dealing in a very general level, others are more personal. I don't really stress about having to write about any particular topics and I'm not even able to come up with any lyrics if the topic doesn't touch me somehow.

What are your main influences? Musically and otherwise.
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This is a tough question, because there are way too many to mention. As a band we've lately ripped off at least Integrity, Metallica and Judas Priest.

Your line-up has changed quite a bit since your first demo. Can you tell us the brief history of your line-up and how the changes in it have affected the band?
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Tatu, Jose and I had already been playing together since the 8th grade or so, but we never really had anything to call a band. I think it was 2009 when Tatu asked a school mate of his, Olli, to come play drums for our band. That's also when I decided to start "singing".
  In the beginning we didn't really know what we wanted to do and we kind of rushed into doing a rather shitty demo. At that time we had to rehearse in Hyvinkää at Olli's place, that and some other issues we had started to annoy us quite a bit; things just didn't work.
  Then, early 2010 I think, we asked Lassi from Horros to replace Olli on drums. When he jumped in all of us lived in the same town, which naturally made a lot of things easier. Looking back, getting a new drummer then was quite a crucial decision for the future of Left Cold. In the fall of 2010 we released a 5-song tape with Lassi on drums, those songs were made in the first couple of rehearsals with the new line-up, so it was kind of another demo for us.
  In the early 2011 Elias, from Horros as well, came to play 2nd guitar for us. We had talked about getting another guitarist for quite a while already, because we felt that our new songs didn't really work with only one guitar. Having two guitars has evolved our sound into a bit heavier direction, which is nice.
  Obviously this is not the same band that it was two years ago, but the change has been positive.

You guys have a 7" coming up. Tell us about that.
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Yes, that's right. It has four songs on it and it's called "Symptoms of our Time". We had been more or less seriously talking about making a seven inch since Lassi joined the band, but as usual it took a good while to actually get it done... It will be released by Face Your Gods and Johnny Park Avenue Records.
  I am very happy to actually get this record out finally, it is a result of a long learning process that this band has been for us.

What is the punk scene like in Hämeenlinna?
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There isn't too much happening here. There are maybe ten people who are in their twenties and another ten people who are over thirty and that's it pretty much. We used to have a rehearsal space called "Hikikoppi" were we organized a couple of shows that were really awesome. It was a very small venue and therefore perfect for punk/hardcore shows. For a while it seemed that things would change for better and the scene here might actually get a bit activated. I wish it would have, but due to continuous problems we had there we had to leave the place. Since then there hasn't been a decent venue for punk/hardcore shows here. That is a shame, because Hämeenlinna is geographically in a pretty good location for bands and people to come here, being only an hour away from Helsinki and Tampere. But well, maybe someday.

You're involved in the new label Face Your Gods. Can you tell us a little about that?
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Face Your Gods is a collaboration of four people from Hämeenlinna, Ville, Tuomas, Jaakko and I, who had already released various stuff on their own. In the end of 2011 we decided to join forces to be able to get releases out more regularly. I'm very happy with how things are going so far with the label and being a part of it means a lot to me. We have a couple of releases out already and there are quite a few in the works! Our first releases are:
FYG-004 RIFT 7" (Coming soon)

What does the future hold for Left Cold.
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Only time will tell, there's not much planned at the moment. Making a longer tour has always been my dream, so I hope it will happen someday. Maybe we'll release something in the future, too.

Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?
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Quit your job and travel, or do whatever you believe will make you happy.
  If you want to you can listen to Left Cold at and read the latest news about FYG releases and other stuff at
  Thanks a lot for making this interview!