How would you describe Warmarch's music to someone unfamiliar with the band? What are the basics our readers need to know of the band before reading further?
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Warmarch performed the art of Black Metal as it is intended to be: pure raw dark and satanic. I fully stand behind the ideology infected with the sinister and macabre. And Warmarch was a tool to reflect that. A sonic curse, inspired by the purest ancestors and a crowning jewel of Slovak Black Metal. That was Warmarch. Unfortunately it is no more. We disbanded already some time ago. Yet the idea lives forever - well at least within me. I can't speak for the others.

Warmarch made its first demo in '07. What events led to the formation of Warmarch; a shared disgust for christianity, need to make rawer black metal as a counterattack against the modern and clean albums, or what? How did you find the right men to form the band's lineup?
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Indeed the main fuel was the disgust for the contemporary scene and the shit that is still going around in Slovakia. A (f)underground "scene" infested with kinds trendies, live loving pseudo-pagan wimps and hipsters making only fun of the Black Art. Thus we decided to rise in opposition. And the fiery seeds we have sown we also reaped as an abundant harvest of hatred against us. A harvest which I still truly enjoy and can claim that Warmarch even if dead still is the most hated band in Slovakia. The band members were all not always suitable for the agenda behind it yet you really can not be very picky in this country...

Are there some bands you could name as your inspirers? How about on the lyrical front, are there some writer you could cite as your influence?
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We drew mainly from the blackest wells of inspiration. Bathory, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Moonblood, Les Legions Noires, Katharsis...the list goes on. Lyric wise I at the beginning wanted to make things very primitive - Beherit style. Yet with time the lyrics became more sophisticated. I read many books dealing mainly with the Occult and surely they had also strong influence on the Black propaganda by Warmarch.

I would guess your main musical influences come from Norway's pioneers, yet I've heard you are against Burzum; may I ask the reason behind this?
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Yes indeed. I see Vikernes as a great musician, whose art truly inspired generations to follow - including me. But even the greatest musical effort can not overshadow the fact that he is a filthy traitor and a pathetic liar. Try only to compare the interviews he done years ago with what he is claiming now. The murder story constantly changes and in a year or two he will claim that Euronymous broke his neck when he fell downstairs. Try to search for interviews concerning this with Snorre of Thorns or Metalion of Slayer mag. The story they tell is vastly different. Not to mention that he was the first to draw the media attention to Black Metal by getting his story to a news paper and thus starting an avalanche which led to the downfall of Black Metal - which we can behold also today.

How did you settle for the name Warmarch, and what's the war you're marching into? A war against christianity? It's simple, effective, and certainly leaves no questions about your approach, I think.
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The name came from our drummer Dlog and was inspired by the album War Funeral March by Vlad Tepes. We march at the forefront of a dark war against humanity. For the humans are the worst plague that ever infested this planet. A disease which must be cut out from the bleeding flesh of the earth. Think yourself - how many people do you know who you deem really worthy to live? Very few I suppose. A human life can have a purpose a goal, and that is the alchemical Opus Magnum. The transformation of the human soul. The search for wisdom and enlightenment. Yet how many people follow such goals? They only care for eating, fucking and sleeping. They are controlled merely by their own weakness and indulge their pathetic ego. And thus not only worthless but also obstructive.

You've made some lyrics in English, but most of them are in your native language Slovak. Is there any special reason for this? Didn't it bother you that most listeners will have little idea of what you're singing? Is the choice of vocals' language also the reason for not including the lyrics in your album's booklet?
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There is very little Black Metal sung in the Slovak language while they are tons of it in english. Of course it can be difficult to get the meaning of our Black propaganda, but still those who search always find a way. The lyrics are not in the booklet because the label done it that way...

Could you tell us what kind of themes you explore on the "Pactum Cum Diabolus"-album? "Satanic Sadist" is pretty self-explanatory, but the others are not.
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PCD was a very diverse album because it consisted of songs from 3 demo albums which we re-recorded in better quality for the official release. The main themes are the destruction and twilight of mankind, but there are also songs strongly fueled with occult gnosis like for example Kult Smrti (The Cult of Death) which is my favorite song from this album.

A question related to the above. Black Metal tends to be very personal to its makers; a statement of dedication, one's own beliefs and growth. What does Warmarch stand for, and what is the music's intended function to the common listener? To whom is Warmarch's music aimed for, beside yourselves?
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As mentioned before Warmarch was a counteraction. A constant opposition against the pathetic scene feeding on the rotting corpse of Black Metal. And I must correct your question - that's the way BM should be, bud sadly mostly isn't...

Your sole full-length "Pactum Cum Diabolus" is dedicated to the eternal glory of Satan, as it says in the booklet. What does Satan represent or mean to you, are you a practitioner of occult? What are the reasons you want to make music based on your antichristian beliefs; is it more based on an urge to create and make a stand, your take on the war so to say?
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The Devil has a huge meaning to me as the magnificent force behind the Darkness of this world. In the Slavic mythology half of the world was created by god (the meadows, places of light etc...), while the other half was created by the Devil (caves, deep forest, sinister places of this world). You see the darkness is a counteraction against light and an inseparable part of the duality which causes a certain balance within the universe. And when I speak of darkness I do not mean the pathetic pseudo-dark roleplay which we can see by the most people within Black Metal. What darkness have they ever seen? What pain and sorrow? These people have never looked into the Abyss and have no idea of what lies within...They are only children playing with matches.
  The shit presented by most contemporary bands has literally nothing to do with darkness. Any old Carpathian forest within the region where I live has more darkness within itself than the whole czech/slovak BM scene.
  But back to the question. Satan is just one of many names the humans have given this majestic force in an attempt to understand its splendor with their feeble minds. And I am an eternal servant and follower of the Dark gods.
  I do not need to make a stand for anybody or anything. I do the Devil's work, because I simply want to.

Your first and only full-length album "Pactum Cum Diabolus" was released through Hexencave Productions. How did you find the label, and what made 'em suitable to release your works? Have you been satisfied with their input?
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Mysticus is an old friend of ours and since he wanted to do an old school BM label we seemed as the best choice to start with. PCD should originally be released by Werewolf Records from Finland. But because of some shitty reason it wasn't. My relationship with labels is a very bad one.

The album's cover art has Death in a human form, surrounded by symbols, carrying a scythe and seven keys, and a halo of flames surrounds his skull. Would you like to open up the symbolism behind the cover artwork? I would also like to hear how you chose the name "Pactum Cum Diabolus" ("A deal with the Devil").
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I have made the cover art picture myself. It represents Death in its divine aspect. But further details concerning the symbolism are reserved for those initiated in the Art. The name "Pact with the Devil" was meant to be a very symbolic one, for it represented the first blood Warmarch drew to seal the deal with the Dark gods in form of this album, with a vision of much darker things to come. Sadly this vision of mine never became reality.

Your works have been released on many different labels, as is the usual case. Are there some labels you'd feel the need to warn people about as being rip-offs, if you've encountered any? On the other hand, are there some you'd like to mention as especially good ones?
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Every label is a fucking rip-off. Everybody wants to make releases and "be a part of the underground" but they usually do not have the money to fund them. Cantus De Leprae was the only label that did for us all he could, but also he had to struggle with financial issues.
Hexencave is also not bad, Mysticus is already experienced with this business.
But the rest of the tons of the tons of labels I was in contact with are just pure shit...

In addition to the "P.C.D."-album and a few demos, you released a split 7" vinyl with Riddle Of Meander. How did you come to make the split with ROM? I would say that your eight-minute song on the split is among the best ones I've heard from you, so you clearly put a lot of effort to the split.
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Yes in the time when we got the offer from R.o.M. to make a split release with them we already knew that the band was falling apart. We had some material which we were preparing for the next Full-lenght album, so we put our best ideas together for the last time and let the sinister energy flow through our souls to create this last sonic curse. I can imagine that Warmarch could be a very strong name nowadays if we would continue, we had better equipment, better skills and the necessary experiences. But it was not my decision to quit. And if the others want to follow other paths in life - well their call...

Your song on the split entitled "...and Chaos it shall be..." has a clear theme of becoming free from the demiurge's slavery, but it has some symbolism that didn't reveal their meaning to me. Would you like to explain the track's meaning and message, so to say?
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Breaking of the causal shackles and following the path of a Lawless Becoming. That is the main idea behind this song. To ignore every boundary and overcome any obstacle that hinders your path to enlightenment. To kill the man and become a god.
  The stars shall be extinguished and Chaos it shall be...

The split's cover artwork is splendid, too. Who made the cover image?
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Shaxul (ex-Deathspell Omega) prepared this cover art for us. I do not know where he got that picture from. But it represent the god Moloch and his worshipers. This is very symbolic for total devotion to the dark path, because these people sacrificed their own children in the fires of Moloch just to please their god and recieve his blessings.

Warmarch's currently last release is "Call From The Grave (Bloodstained Relics)," a compilation of rehearsal material and cover songs. Do you still have some material waiting to be released?
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Nope this was really the final chapter. We had some rehearsals, cover songs and even one unreleased song (but in very bad sound quality). So we decided to release this for our pleasure. Yet again the label (Suicide taste - owned by our drummer) fucked it up, as he left the country and is working now in Austria and did no distribution...I only distributed those few tapes he gave me before he left and included a piece of a human bone with each of them.

What lead to Warmarch's death as a band? Do you have intentions of resurrecting the band at some point, or is Warmarch dead for good?
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Internal struggles amongst the band members. There have been some attempts, but Dlog and Carpath both live now very different lives and I do not think this would work again...Even if I am still open to this eventuality. All will happen as it is intended to be.

Since Warmarch disbanded, what're you currently working on; do you have some other musical activities, or are your interests elsewhere now?
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Since the death of Warmarch I participated on several Occulto Mortualia albums as a vocalist. OM was founded by a friend of mine named Larua ov Morrt from France. The music can be described as occult dark ambient, but we really have no boundaries for our art.
  I also made some guest vocals for bands like Temple of Maggot (Hail Barag!) and Evil (Dlogs solo band)

I've understood that you'll provide vocals for some songs on Temple of the Maggot's upcoming second full-length. How did you originally find out about the band, and what sparked this collaboration?
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Yes I've mentioned this in the previous answer. Barag got his hands on some Warmarch releases and since he liked our music and the idea behind it he asked me for a collaboration. We were on the same wavelength so I accepted his offer.

You've drawn the Warmarch-logo, and you're also responsible for the "Pactum Cum Diabolus"-album's cover art. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Have you done artwork for other bands or artists?
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Yes that is true. I made also the cover art for OM's "Curse of the Upir" demo. I used to draw quite a lot in older days, but now I really do not have the time and inspiration for that. I have some old paintings I made stashed in my closet. Maybe some will be used once...

That is all. This paragraph is reserved for whatever you feel like adding that we didn't discuss above. Thank you for your time.
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Black Metal is not music. Black Metal is not business. Black Metal is art. Black Metal is the Devil's propaganda. Within Black Metal there is no place for fun or people who do not take this serious at all.
  If you really want to support this art - destroy the nowadays scene. Do any extreme actions to make it illegal. That is the only way to assure that only the really devoted ones will remain.
  Thank you.