When did Ambient Death form, and were you always interested in dark ambient music?
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I want to say we started in 2007 because that's when we released our first E.P. Time Eclipse which put us on the map and brought us a lot of incredible feedback and attention from metal-heads around the world. But I must say it took a while prior to the release to get the music down, figure out the direction of what I wanted to do here and get the right people on board.
   I've always loved electronic/ambient music or anything that creates a sonic image in my mind as much as I love metal. Ambient Death the name itself can be a bit deceiving and has two meanings to me. One is descriptive of where I want to go musically as we progress (at the moment I consider our music to fall under blackened death metal) and the other meaning is a reflection of the ever-present, incorruptible mystery of being which is death. I've always been captivated by the philosophical views of humanism and theology on the subject of death and the after-life and that's what I mostly read and write about to stimulate or sometimes even provoke views of those who still care about the lyrical content.

Who are some of your influences?
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You know one time I was streaming a live metal radio show from Michigan I believe, that was playing Ambient Death and right after us they played Septic Flesh, Lovecraft's Death and I immediately felt I found the love of my life I've been looking for.(lol) I think they really capture the essence of what true metal music is all about to me in every aspect especially their last two albums. Also close to my heart is Dissection, Death, old Paradise Lost, Klaus Schulze, Dead Can Dance, Tom Waits, Pat Metheny, New Model Army... Subconsciously all of that brews in my head and DEATHinitely has a small influence on what I write lol

Could you tell us about the new album - what music inspired you while recording the band's latest?
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I don't think anything inspires us specifically, at this point we do what we do to release our own creativity and everyone's personal taste/influence creeps in to the overall effect.
   Well the last album we did was Transmigration of Souls which we recorded with Joey Z of Life Of Agony. It was not as successful as the first one but nonetheless it still kicked ass.
   We are currently working on our third album and we have two new members in the band; guitarist John O. and bassist Arthur G. who both play in Godamhate. Fortunately, I have been playing with the same drummer Jaimen S. since our teenage years and his style is a big part of our sound.
   I think those who followed Ambient Death from the beginning will probably leak a little once they hear the new stuff. Those who are reading this right now will remember my words when I say that the name of the album itself will truly be damned by the light not to mention the music lol The cover is already done and material is complete. We plan to step into the recording studio in the early fall and we feel that this album is going to truly define us.

What is the audience reaction to your music?
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Overall it's great. In line with the music a lot of people are intrigued that all the synth sounds on some of our songs come from my guitar's synth pick-up rather than a keyboard. Also I had quite a few musicians asking what tuning we use on our instruments and are surprised to find out we use standard 'E' and obtain such heavy sound.

Are there any movies that inspire you - do you see the band's music as cinematic?
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I definitely see a lot of our music fitting into dark cinema. The only time when I was actually inspired by something I saw on T.V., was a Ghost Hunters' episode about Widow's Watch. It's a name for a structural part of a house often seen along the coasts of New England where back in the day wives of sailors would look out for their loved ones ship coming back from the sea. A lot of them didn't make it home hence the name. I have a professional background in maritime and I found it to be very romantic so I did my own spin with a song Widow's Watch on the album Transmigration Of Souls.