First off, how'd you describe your band, sound and style to someone unfamiliar with your music?
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I would describe it as raw hardcore punk. Short, kinda fast and loud.

You recorded your first and currently sole demo one month after the band was formed. Based on its sound, you had a good idea of what you were going for. How did you find the right people for the band, and where did the idea to form a band originate from?
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We never really planned on anything to be honest. We've all been friends for quite some time and we all are involved in other bands. We just decided to start jamming together and things kind of fell into place. We did everything at a fast pace since our bass player wasn't going to be in Las Vegas much longer since at the time he was planning on moving to Los Angeles, and he did. But he managed to stay with us and to continue playing shows even though he lives almost 300 miles away.

How'd you choose the name "Vihan Rytmi" ("The Rhythm of Hate"), what does it represent?
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I got the name from the band Painajainen, it's the title of their LP. I had proposed the name a couple years ago for another band I'm involved in with our drummer, but we ended up choosing a different name. When we started this band it seemed fitting to have a name that meant "the rhythm of anger" (which is how they had translated it in the band history that was included with the album).

You come from Las Vegas, yet you have a Finnish name and at least one song sung in Finnish. How come? Rattus seems to be important to you, so I'm guessing that band is one of the reasons.
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I'm partly to blame for all of that since I'm a huge fan of Finnish HC. And yea, Rattus is one of my favorite bands. They're a hot subject right now since they are touring the US West coast and I'm organizing their show here. The song in Finnish came about one night after practice I was having a drink with our guitar player and he kind of half joking mentioned that it would be cool if we did a song in Finnish. I agreed, so I translated lyrics I had written with an English/Finnish dictionary I had picked up when I visited there in February of 2010. Then I sent them to a friend in Finland to make sure I got it right.

What bands do you recognize as the greatest influences regarding Vihan Rytmi - either to your sound, attitude or lyrics?
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We are all pretty much influenced by hardcore punk in general.

Las Vegas is known for many things, but punk isn't really one of them. How is the punk scene there; are the people in the scene active in it, and is there a lot of punk-bands? How big a crowd do your gigs generally attract?
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The scene here can be a disappointment at times and at other times it can be really awesome, but that can probably be said about a lot of other places. Some people are active in the scene and outside of it whether it be art, food not bombs, etc. There are a few punk bands here varying in styles. The crowd sizes vary anywhere from 50-100 and sometimes just to the other bands, it all really depends.

Your sound is a chaotic one, yet your songs seem to have a strong message as well. Are you not afraid of the songs' lyrics becoming just a shouted blur and the crowd just enjoying the noise and delirium? Or, in other words, how do you bring out the fact that your songs do have a message - or is it up to the crowd to find it out?
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We printed the lyrics in the tape cover. I wanted to add explanations for them since they are very basic in structure, but didn't have enough room. I know it is hard to understand me when I'm up there screaming out a lung, but I invite people to come have a conversation with me if they really feel like they need to know what we are about. Discussion is a vital way of getting you message across outside of the music.

As a logical follow-up, what is your message? The demo's cover image and name "Taistele Vastaan" ("Fight Against") already say something, surely.
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Basically our message is not too unlike other punk bands: respect for each other, our planet and other living beings - and of course to fight against all forms of oppression we all face.

Your sole demo was released as a pressing of 100 tapes, and you said it'll never be reprinted. Why so? Is it still available for purchase?
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Well, originally we intended to press the demo recording onto a 7" so that is part of the reason we said that after the first batch of tapes is gone we weren't going to make any more. Yes, we still have at least 1/4 of them left, which of course are available at our shows or through our drummer's label Ecophagy Records (

What do you have planned for the band's future - do you perhaps have some new releases in the works at the moment? Do you have some specific goals you want to achieve?
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We have a split 7" in the works at the moment with Armistice from Los Angeles, CA that will hopefully be out by the year's end. We also plan on releasing a 3-way split with our friends God's America (power violence) and Nests (80's style USHC) whom are also from here, but so far that's still in the planning stages. As far as goals go, we would like to eventually go on tour and to release more material.

Is Vihan Rytmi your first or currently only band? If not, could you tell us something about your other bands?
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No, we all have had previous bands and are involved with other bands. Currently the bands we are involved with are...
- Larry (bass) plays guitar/vocals in hc/punk band Life's Torment and Die Laughing, which is more of a skate punk style
- Luis(guitar) is playing bass for an unnamed sludge band and guitar vocals for a black metal band called In Lak'ech Ala K'in
- Mike (drums) plays drums in the black metal band with Luis, guitar and vocals in High Tension (yes the band that has the split 7" with Warvictims but that was before he joined) and guitar/bass for Alarido, which is a d-beat/crust/black metal hybrid
- and myself (Adrian) I do vocals in Alarido as well, but in Spanish.

Anything you'd like to add or discuss further?
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A huge thanks to all the bands we've played with and everyone that has come see us play/supported us. Buy our record when it comes out, support your scene and community, fuck the police and be excellent to each other. Also I really want to thank you for the interview, It means a lot to us that people outside of Vegas are interested in us and what we have to say. Cheers!