Viimeiset Sekunnit
Earth Today

Holy shit. Entering Lepakkomies was a shock. My t-shirt instantly glued to my body. The temperature was hot and moist. It was almost difficult to breathe.

But now to the bands. First up was a quite new band from Helsinki called Viimeiset Sekunnit. Young guys but if I remember right the bass player is a bit older and plays also in Kävelevä Räkä? 82 hardcore with lots of echo in the vocals. Too much in my opinion. I didn't enjoy this band very much. Maybe in a couple of years from now they'll be a lot better if they´re still around.

Earth Today (from various Southern-Finnish cities according to their myspace) was next. I haven't seen them live in a long time and their line up has changed since I last saw them and I think all the songs were new cause I didn't recognise any of the songs. Faster grinding stuff mixed with crust/d-beat. I liked it a lot. Check them out!

The last band of the night was Repulsione from Italy. Grind with two basses and no guitar. After 5 songs it started to get a bit boring and it was hard to listen and watch the rest of the gig. And they could have played a little shorter gig.

Earth Today was the best band of the night. Hope to hear new material from them soon?