Seal Of Beleth

Doom over Zoom II was the name of the evening's event. Tickets were only 2euros so it was pretty cheap. SOB played first. This was DOOM. Not much singing, both the guitarist and bass player sang. I didn't like the clean vocals very much but the bass player's vocals sounded great. They all knew how to play and the band's sound was heavy and my entrails felt it too. Very long songs and maybe the they played a little too long. There were like 2 people watching the band in the front and everybody else were sitting at the tables and drinking beer. The location of the stage in this bar is in the back but in the front of stage is the door to the men's toilet!

Thenks to the snow storms DITW's singer was at an airport in the Netherlands so the other guitar player was handling all the vocals. And he did it well! DITW played 2 songs from their upcoming album and 2 or 3 older songs if I remember right. And where was the audience now? The same 2 guys were there. I think it was the last songs when a few more people went to the front. I think Dead In The Water is one of the best bands in Finland. A great mix of hardcore, doom and sludge? Reminds me a lot of Neurosis and (early) Cult Of Luna. I'm glad they don't have any clean vocals.

I suggest that you check both bands if you don't know them yet. Seal Of Beleth had a demo out but I forgot to buy it. And Dead In The Water's 2nd full lenght should be out some day sooner or later (sooner I hope).