"Here begins the autumn of the mind" says the event's facebook-page. A strong set of young and relatively unknown stoner/doom-bands was to come. I myself had waited for this event for weeks with great anticipation, because stoner-evenings like this are a rare treat here in Tampere.

The evening's opener was Tombstoned, a band of young fellows playing traditional doom metal. This was perhaps the band I was the most waiting for, because their new 7" struck me like a million volts. Admittedly the songs and the band worked great live, too. Very hitting doom metal that occasionally extends to psychedelic rock as well. The band absolutely played their best songs, and the biggest surprise was a cover song from "The Wicked Lady" called "Run The Night" because I thought I was pretty much the only guy in Finland that digs The Wicked Lady's music. A strong performance, but I would've added a lot more echo to the vocals.

The noise rock-group Throat took the stage next. I had heard a lot of positive things about the band and I was to notice that the band is rather good indeed. Noise rock with influences taken from doom metal-churning, and in my opinion there's some punk in there as well. The band played with a good intensity and is fairly skilled as well, but I just didn't dig it that much. I don't know if it was because of the vocalist's style of singing or what, but it just didn't. A good gig, but sorrily not one of the evening's best ones.

Sixpackgods was all unknown to me, and there was only a few cruddy rehearsal recordings in their bandcamp-page, too. But what a fucking show the guys did! A wholly unknown band practically attacks from the bushes and totally surprises all the attendees. Very jamming stoner/doom spiced with a vocalist with a nicely hoarse voice. I found the song material to be golden, too. Very catchy and instantly remembrable music with a lot of repetition. The band seemed to enjoy playing with all their hearts, but the vocalist seemed to be the head of the band with all his moving around the stage - and he tore some greats sounds from his throat, too. I hope the band's other members do the same and tear a little more enthusiasm and energy from theirselves... Anyway, this was definitely one of the evening's best performances.

The evening's closer Woodrue playes growled doom metal, and I was somewhat familiar with their material already before the gig. Somewhat Weedeater-style jamming and really low-pitch playing. The walls of Vastavirta were truly shaking when the band played. Their churning was really heavy and worked perfectly: no fumbling or insecurity in the playing was present at all. I think Woodrue's a good live-band, although the vocals are a little monotonal - or at least it felt like it after Sixpackgods. Anyway, the band delivered a strong ending for the evening, and I must say that as an overall experience the event was cheerfully mind-expanding...