Anticipation was rising through the roof only one hour after the doors had opened and a handful of metal warriors populated the hall. It was time for Brymir to take the stage and make it theirs.
Whilst the band assumed their positions a bombastic intro accompanied their presence and the crowd awarded the noble musicians with a fair amount of applause.
It took merely a few songs before the band held the growing audience in their grasp and from there on their symphonic metal dominated the space.
The sounds were good though a bit thin and the vocals were a bit low in the mix.
For me personally the synths and orchestral interludes were among the highpoints of Brymirís performance, even if I do enjoy a good distorted bashing now and then. However the crowd seemed to enjoy the carnage as the floor was quickly filled with a fluid moving mass of human flesh, also known as a moshpit.
Overall Brymirís show was highly enjoyable and professional. Except of course the slightly embarrassing shout-along and clap your hands episodes.

The nights theme seemed to manifest in the use of overly pompous, orchestrated, intro tapes, but once the band kicked in the carnage was on a good way from here to doomsday. ARG was way more straightforward and brutal than Brymir and this meant the blazing moshpit grew larger by the minute. Although the aggressive twist the music had a killer groove to it and was quite enjoyable, but somehow left me out cold.
The constant aggressive turmoil just didnít leave any room for breathing, so I mainly focused on beer instead.
Leaving mr.Critic out of the equation, the crowd was on flames and the alcohol levels kept rising in anticipation for the main event.
In ways ARG was left as an interlude, or small snack in between dishes.
Good but not exciting enough.

As already stated, the main event was awaited with huge excitement throughout the evening and the moment was soon at hand. Already the critical acclaim Ensiferumís latest album had received was enough to ensure the hall would be full.
At this point of the evening it was a small surprise that the intro music was little more than compressed grandeur and bombast in audible form.
Straight from the beginning the band had their audience on their knees and the playlist seemed to be hit after hit. The crowd was ecstatic to say the least!
Ensiferumís take on folk metal was rather aggressive with atmospheric sections taking their turns in between the bashing. To be frank, for my untrained ears many of the songs were indistinguishable as the bends style is so deep integrated and refined.
Again if mr.Smartass Critic is left to his own thoughts, the crowd was dancing and singing and waving their fists in the air and the band really showed how much they enjoyed being there.
Song after song thrilled the listeners and it seemed like the crowd was treated to a hit parade like never before, but halfway into the show it all started feeling overwhelming.
I anticipated a coming highpoint as the band prepared for the song Pohjola and mentioned guest vocalist, and Finnish entertainment icon, Vesa-Matti Loiri in their speak, however disappointment hit when we were only treated to playback of his reciting. The real thing would have really lifted the bar for this night!
Throughout the set the mosh pit was alive and well, causing damage to innocent bystanders and participants alike. Both the band and the crowd displayed tremendous energy and then finally we could call it a night.

The evening was great on all accounts and the beer was watered down, but frankly Iím getting too old and misanthropic for this kinds of big gigs.
While the music was enjoyable the way too cramped space raised both fear and loathing within me. Lucky the lectern was less populated so you could enjoy the sounds and the refreshments.
Three bands was a rather heavy display and the overall length of the gig was too much for my rapidly ageing bones.
For me the winner of the night was Brymir, I really need to check them out!