An evening of punk and metal in Hämeenlinna! I’ve heard that the previous Rytmihäiriö gigs at Suisto have been sold out and judging from the difficulty I had moving around in the bar I’d say this evening was not an exception. Besides the handful of punks that frequent the club a whole swarm of metalheads showed up and packed the place full.
Shoveltrapez was the first band of the evening. The band played a style of thrash metal which was a bit technical for me at times but the gig was pretty good and the live sound was enjoyable. I didn’t really know what to expect since I knew nothing of the band except the name which sort of put me off, so I guess I was pleasantly surprised. Shoveltrapez is definitely in good enough shape to play more venues.

Next up was the local crust trio Horros. The audience got really excited during the performance. It got to the point where I got pissed off at the moshers. If you’re going to go apeshit that’s fine, but you don’t have to go slamming into the people who are just standing there!! Nevertheless the gig was energetic just like a punk gig should be, and it was a nice to hear something a bit more raw and dirty in between the two metal bands.

Rytmihäiriö, being the big band on the big label was obviously the last band to play. The front of the stage was now filled with people and everyone seemed to be enjoying the show. I caught the show from a distance so the live sound wasn’t that great from where I was standing but the gig was as well played as I’d excpect from a band of this caliber. Rytmihäiriö has a lot of elements in their music that riles people up and everyone was shouting slogans and really getting into the show. I enjoy a bit of chaos in my live bands which I didn’t find in the experienced and perhaps even calculated performance of Rytmihäiriö.

Shoveltrapez and Rytmihäiriö both had big banners that they hung up during the gig while Horros only taped a tiny patch to the wall behind the stage. I thought that was a pretty cool statement and sort of showed how perhaps punk and metal don’t really mix after all these days.
To me the painful 10€ to get in and the excruciating mass of people ate away at the fun, but then again these things don’t bug everyone the way they bug me. I think that speaking in general terms the gig was a big success and that people really enjoyed it.