The fact that Impaled Nazarene was playing at Nuclear Nightclub at Oulu came to me quite suddenly. I didn't have much time to make a decision if I should go there and as my finances are not too good, being unemployed and all that jazz, I was quite unsure if I should go there. In the end, I said what the fuck to myself and decided to tell my friend to buy tickets to the gig.

At the night of the gig my friend decided to drink a whole bottle of salmiakki viina (an alcoholic beverage of 40% alcohol volume mixed with salmiakki) in a space of 30 to 50 minutes. He still wanted to go to the gig and so we left there. On the way we noticed that we had two hours before the gig and so we walked around the cold winter city aimlessly, he constantly asking me to call my friend over there and me trying to tell no and that my friend would let us know when he gets there. Topped to that he quite loudly told to me how random bypassers should be beat up and other fun things which might have gotten us trouble if the bypassers were wrong sort of people.

Eventually we went to the bar where the gig was held and he bought two Goat Brews (Impaled Nazarene beer), we went downstairs and sat on some stools. There he began to tell me how he wasn't feeling good, how he was about to pass out and so forth. I told him to try to get some water or soda or something to drink instead of the beer and just wait it out but he told me no and eventually left the bar. I had no idea where he lived but didn't worry as I knew that another friend was coming there and that he would help me to somehow find my way back to the friend who left place or would let me crash at his place.

After a while he came, we drank the two beers my friend left there and waited for the gig to start. Just because I seemingly want an permanent hearing damage we went next to the two amps near the wall for the gig. When screeching of air-raid warning and other sounds started to blast out from the amps I realized how fucking loud it was. Somebody wiser would have gone away from the amps but at that point the band took the stage and I was at point beyond caring. The aggressive music about being pissed off, hating everything and Satan worship took the whole audience with it, causing pretty much everyone headbang like there was no tomorrow. Impaled Nazarene is a gig band. Their albums show their ability of writing memorable songs but the band shines when they are live. With Slutti666 being really politically incorrect and generally offensive between the songs, telling jokes about suicide bombers, simply telling how people going to school would die at school shooting and so on the music was taken to whole new level. During the performance there was not a single dull moment. Either you were headbanging or laughing at Slutti666's speeches.

The band played for 1 hours and even after that I was left wanting more. Even if they played the whole set list again I probably wouldnt be bored. After the gig I knew that when I againg have a chance to see Impaled Nazarene live I will and so should you too. This is a direct order: Go see Impaled Nazarene live. You won't regret.