Here we have an 8" flexi filled mostly with Finnish hardcore punk, although grind is found here too. Most of the bands are unknown to me, expect Valse Triste, which I know only by name.

Rähäkkä has a fairly long hc punk-song, which is one of the best on the compilation, with good production. Valse Triste is a bit let-down hc punk from what I've heard of the band, although the chorus is very catchy. Siionin Kevät is very unknown hc punk-band (to me at least) and I had high hopes for it. A bit too high. Sorrily, for having such a good name for a band, their music is very mediocre. Watered-down production and very boring riffs, accompanied by dull vocals. The band has a good message though, but having good music accompany it would help immersely. And then comes T.V.M, the bottom of the barrel. On the booklet they describe their music as "Shitcore" and that is very true. The music is shit. What you can hear of it, anyway. On the booklet is also said that these are demo recordings. Possibly the worst demo recordings EVER. The vocals just drown everything behind. All you can hear is stupid growling that just sounds pathetic. Hopefully I never ever need to listen to this band again.

Irritate. Perfect name for the band. Their music is irritating. It's the second band playing grindcore on this compilation. And its all you can expect from a grindcore band - their song is about 10 seconds long. The problem of vocals drowning everything else behind them is also present on this track. Then comes Vicious Wankers, which surprised me, as the stuff they put into the booklet is very stupid. They might have thought that it was funny but more than anything else it's just embarassing. But the music is not. It is the best track on the whole compilation. It is a breath of fresh hc punk-air after two horrible grindcore bands. Too bad that they have only 1 song here. And then comes Katastrofialue with 4 songs. Quite lot compared to the other bands. Worst of all, only Mielisairas Unelma is good. The others are just decent. One problem is that after the first track by the band the crusty production drops for the remaining tracks and becomes very thin.

I wouldn't recommend this to those who are looking to get into Finnish hardcore punk. Those who already know their Finnish hc and are looking for interesting new bands should get this compilation.

8½ / 10