First off, I must say that this record has one of the coolest Death Metal cover arts i have ever seen. It's just awesome. Too bad Innards hasn't been released as a MLP, just as a cd-r in a printed fold. Sadly, no lyrics included.

The now defunct Nerlich played really heavy and technical Death Metal in the vein of the scandinavian great ones of the beginning of the 1990's. Nerlich is just more intense and chaotic. The EP sounds quite heavy and enough unpolished and "messy" to create the atmosphere of the old times, yet still being clear enough not to mess up the riffs. You can hear all that is played here, which means a lot of stuff. The riffs are technical and tempos change quite a lot. It is clear from the beginning that someone has put a lot of effort into making this stuff. Only the highest drum sounds don't work, they sound like some unwanted hiss in the songs. That aside, the mixing is just great, everything is in balance.

The vocals might turn some people away from this EP, as they are harsh, hissing, raw growls, being greatly different from the usual Death Metal-growls. Also, the drummer sometimes seems to have troubles to keep up with the pace. This only happens in the fastest parts, and to me, it sounds quite good in some odd way. If you like ultra-technical drumming, well, you won't find it here.

Because there is a lot going on in the songs, and even despite the hooks in the songs, it takes a while to really understand what's going on and to get to like it. In the beginning it's just a chaotic lump of in-your-face -riffs, which slowly turns into a solid entirety of Death-goodness. The tempo-changes, the riffs, the atmosphere, the greatness of compositions and the artistic talent... everything hooks you into listening this EP more and more.

There's no sense in highlighting any songs, becouse all songs have their own hooks and great parts, but the EP is at it's greatest in it's entirety. And with the EP's entirety I mean the first 4 tracks. The fifth track doesn't fit in at all, and sounds too much like a bad joke (which it is) to justify it's existence. A bit of humour is ok, but this is too much. With the altered Death Metal -lyrics, the "whoooa"-shouts, the blast in the end... This is just way too corny. But well, maybe it's good that one's not too serious in these matters, but... Nerlich's last released song ended up to be TMNT-theme. That's something that not many bands can -or want to- say.

Four tracks of technical oldschool death metal at it's greatest, with a bit sloppy drum sounds. What else needs to be said?

9 / 10