From their debut it was clear that Barathrum was unlike any other black metal band. Slow, bass driven songs which speed up only a few times during the album. The production is kind of odd as the guitars/bass are very low on the mix while the vocals and drums are very high, which tend to make hearing the riffs difficult on some parts.

Buzzing bass makes it clear that guitars are here only for the ambience. The simplistic nature of drumming makes one think that the drums are there only because they have to be. Overall the music isn't technical, but what the album lacks in technicality it has in the atmosphere. The album reeks of impenetrable darkness and gloom.

The album is too long, and in the last songs it feels like it's dragging along. The songs become stale. The album should be 45 minutes long, not 60. If you're looking for dark, filthy and raw slow doomlike black metal then this is for you. But if you are just getting into black metal or Barathrum I would advice to skip this and get Eerie or Legions of Perkele instead.

7 / 10