Wracked means "totally ruined", and while I'm not that sure what is supposed to be wracked by this cd, I'm sure that something will be - it might be your brain, for instance.

The studio band Wracked comes from the United States, and this is their first release. This release is advertised as a full-lenght album, which I see as quite odd; for crying out loud, this release isn't even 12 minutes long! Anyway, they spread it for free, so one can't lose that much by ordering this cd-r (which is packed in a white slip with a black logo, which is quite fancy for a free release). But what will one get by obtaining this release?

This "album" consists of 17 from mostly half a minute to minute long songs of in-your-face grind with death metal-like sounds. The songs are really messy. First off, the riffs seem to lack in structure. It sounds like the guitars are just trying to sound brutal instead of producing good riffs, or even something more than distantly remorable. Quite sadly, the guitars are still the single best thing on this record. The drums are quite clearly computer-produced, and they're over-fast. There's often no logical structure in drums either, just bursts of blasting with an occasional splash. The pace and the patterns of the drums don't even fit the riffs in some parts. The bass isn't that audible here, it is just supporting the guitars, adding some extra heaviness.

And then we get to the vocals. The vocals are guite basic growls, accompanied with some shrieks. Not memorable, not audible, not really enjoyable. It sounds like the singer was way too close to the microphone when the vocals were recorded. The vocals also are way too high in the mix, covering most of the music behind them. It also causes all the songs to sound the same, because the vocals are quite monotonous and they're almost all the time on top; it is what you'll hear for most of the time.

All in all, this "album" sounds as it were a demo recording for a real recording session. The elements just don't fit together; the mix simply sucks, drums sounds hastily made, riffs lack the point, and vocals cover everything. After listening to this release for many times, I don't really remember much about it. With more effort, this release might actually be good.

If you're searching for a new ultra-brutal band to bang your head to... well, there's a slight chance you might actually like this a lot. Or at least a bit. Some fans of noisecore who aren't afraid of heaviness might also find this appealing. The release is free for now, so you can't lose that much even if you don't like the music.

4 / 10