During the first song, an intro, it becomes very clear that the vocalist cannot sing. He is absolutely terrible. He cannot hold his pitch for few seconds. When the music starts, its fucking awful. Drummer is completely out of time, riffs are 3 chord pieces but they arent even played right. Nobody or the sole member cannot play any instrument. The production is nonexistent. This doesn't even qualify as music. It just sucks.

Yet, the atmosphere of the music is excellent. If it wasnt for the atmosphere, this would be just another underground black metal piece of shit to the pile. Because of the atmosphere, this is some best black metal I have ever heard. The synths and intros/outros all help to bring life to music and basically save the album from the crappy musicianship. After a while I don't even notice how badly the music is played or how bad the vocals are. This is not for everyone though. If you are not fan of acts like Striborg or VON, you might want to pass this. Otherwise I really recommend getting this.

9 / 10