On their debut demo Cut to Fit plays grindcore with quite obvious Nasum (etc.) -influences. This demo was recorded live with three microphones, four weeks after the band took it's form. Knowing this, one might expect to hear a fuzzy, badly played mess, but this is not the case here; the demo is filled with (mostly) tight grind with little breathing pauses. The band also plays surprisingly well together, especially such a short time after forming. There are errors in the playing, but nothing too bad.

The sounds are harsh and a bit fuzzy, which shouldn't really be a problem in grind. In a way the sounds really fit the music and make it sound violent, but occasionally the guitars get really messy and inaudible; especially when there's singing on top of 'em. This makes the songs a lot less memorable and makes concentrating this demo quite a demanding task, because it's quite hard to find something to grab on. The vocal patterns aren't that memorable either for most of the time. But if one manages to really concentrate on this record, there's a bunch of really aggressive and moshy parts to reward your effort.

There is no bass guitar at all, just two guitars. This makes the soundscape quite thin, even too thin at times. With less fuzzy sounds this might not be such a problem, because then the guitars would deliver a bigger punch and have more edge to them.

The cover of the demo tells a lot about the lyrics; people with blindfolds and mouths sewn shut, suited men killing and lying (I assume), and general violence. Society is not loved here. The lyrics are surprisingly good, but you won't know that just by listening to the songs because the vocal style doesn't really deliver the message. Otherwise the vocals are really good, varying from shouts to screams and growls.

On the CDR one can spot the text "Until We Record Something More Terrifying". I think this is a really fitting title for the demo; the demo shows well what kind of a band we are talking about, but it could have been made much better if it was recorded with more effort. Now it's just a good demonstration and a teaser for future releases. It can be heard that all the necessary things are there, the band just needs to tighten their songs a bit, and get a bit better sounds.

3 / 5