The Decapitated Midgets (words fail me) present us with their debut album after releasing one demo/EP. Before I get to the music itself, I must compliment the release as being one of the most stylish ones I have seen in it's black & white glory - and it's also as informative as it gets (except for the lack of lyrics). Uncluttered, really UG and really cool.

TDM plays aggressive goregrind with quite catchy riffs and noticeable groove. The riffs are surely nothing new, but they work really well nonetheless. There's a bunch of hooks in the compositions, as well as enough breathing pauses to keep the album from being too hard to concentrate on. Short song lenghts (most songs are under a minute long) allow the songs to have a lot of aggression, because the riffs aren't repeated for a long time - this also gives the album a lot of listens, because there's a lot of stuff to be heard.

The cover songs, which are exclusively for the cassette-version of the album, work as a nice add to the actual album. The first four cover tracks don't differ that much from the bands own material, while the Napalm Death-tracks are much more straightforward, with vocals mimicking the original versions. Followed by a few seconds of some sound close to the humming of the wind, the album comes to it's end.

There's some little things on this album that I just need to give praise to. The two short movie-samples used on the album's A-side fit the songs perfectly, and starting B-side with a loud, painful scream (check the song title) really gets things rolling right from the beginning. It really seems that this album has been well thought out, be it true or not.

The sounds of this album could be better, but it doesn't affect the listening experience that much. The guitars are heavy and harsh enough to deliver the aggression, and the drums can be heard clearly. The bass guitar sounds quite mushy, but does it's part. Vocals vary from gurgles to growls and occasional screams, all of which really fit the music. Even though the sounds are good enough as-is (except for the bass guitar which could sound better), I really think a slightly better production would give the album even more ass-kicking value.

All in all, this album is well planned, played and executed in every way, especially as it is such a DIY-record; the band did everything (except the mixing) themselves, and the album was recorded in two days.The songs have a lot of feeling in 'em, which, in addition to all the aforementioned facts, makes listening to this album a really intense and even addicting experience. If the band manages to get a bit better sounds and tighter songs, their next effort might be truly awesome. I really think they have it in them to make an even better recording than this one.

8 / 10