This split is a Japanese version of the split which was originally released in Finland as a 7-inch vinyl. The CD-R holds one exclusive bonus track from each band, and is packed in a stylish and professional-looking black & white-slip. This release is limited to 200 copies.

Brutopia starts the split by succesfully covering Lähdön Aika. A faster and more catchy version, but otherwise quite the same as the original one. A nice add in any case. The next songs show better what Brutopia's d-beat is like: quite fast, heavy, and crusty punk with hc- and even a bit of grind-elements, with song lenghts of about two minutes. The songs are really aggressive, and the harsh shouting vocals make it even more evident. The music is also very catchy, making you shout along the lyrics. The few speech-samples added emphasize the message and spice things up in a manner that suits the songs well. I would gladly have listened to more of this, and I will surely keep an eye on their future full-lenght.

Lähdön Aika plays depressive, even somewhat sludgy and heavy crust-punk with really hoarse, even painful shouting vocals. The vocals sound like they're a bit apart from the music itself, mixed too high maybe, but aside from that they're good and fit the music. The songs are based on repetition and little hooks here and there, and need more time to really grow on you than the Brutopia-songs. All the tracks are really something to mosh to and possess some really twisted groove. The cover track is the weakest one of these, because it doesn't have a climax to really grab your attention. I would say that the other two songs are among the best ones I've heard from them.

Sound-wise this split leaves little to complain about, except I think that Brutopia would've benefited from less damp sounds; though they sound shredding and heavy with these sounds too. Lähdön Aika sounds just right; clear enough to sound good even in the fast and complex beginning of the third track, and distorted and heavy enough to do right to the compositions.

Even though these bands differ a great deal from each other, they share the same message; hatred towards society, corporations and so forth. The 7"-format was probably a better choice than CD, because the bands don't really fit next to each other due to the major differences of their style and sound.

This split is too short to bring out the true sound and nature of either of the bands; the songs have already ended before you've had the chance to really grasp the feeling of LA-songs, and Brutopia's aggression just seems to end too soon in order to really grow on one. It is evident that both of these bands are good and know what they're doing, but this release just doesn't do right to either of them. The components are greater than the whole.

7 / 10