I am fan of Black Funeral, especially the releases after Moon of Characith, but I have to admit, this is Michael's worst release under the moniker. Many would say it is Ordog because of its noisy, cold and harsh as hell production, but it is this where the production doesn't work for the album. It is way too warm and fuzzy and muddy. The drum machine beat and tracker guitars are already here, in a way weaker form than what we can hear on Ordog. Also Michael's vocals sound powerless and weak here.

I throw this comparison way too much here but if you listen to both albums, this and Ordog, you cannot help but make comparisons. The vocals are nothing near the vampire-in-pain shrieks of Ordog. This is his first try at ritualistic industrial black metal and given that it is an ok album, but take Ordog rather than this.

7 / 10