Inquisition from Columbia (currently residing in USA), one of the strangest black metal outfits currently going. One thing that makes them stand out is the fact that the band has only drummer (Incubus) and guitarist/vocalist (Dagon). Even stranger are Dagon's vocals. They are one of a kind, croaking-like. He sounds like a frog. No, I am not kidding. Surprisingly such a vocals work for the ritualistic atmosphere of the album.

The production is buzzy, not in the fashion of Striborg or Paysage d'hiver, it is buzzy but still extremely clear. The basic effects like reverb and echo are nonexistent on the album. Drums are most basic, like usual on black metal, which leaves all the weight and creation of atmosphere solely for guitars and vocals. But here the guitars actually do more than simple tremolo riffing, which still is majority of the album. Dagon employs many clean guitar harmonies which really stick out and create ritualistic atmosphere only few bands can ever imagine achieving. These kinds of guitar harmonies stick out especially on track Of Blood And Darkness We Are Born, which in my opinion is the best track on the album.

If you want to get great ritualistic black metal, Inquisition is your band. All three albums I have heard (debut, Invoking The Majestic Throne of Satan and this) are constantly very high quality and I recommend getting all of them. Also the covers on the album are cool looking. Especially the band photos. Its best choice to go on sunny field in black clothes and full corpsepaint and trying to look grim. But it worked for Paul Ledney of Profanatica and Havohej so why not?

9 / 10