Huoripukki, having existed for one year in it's current form, present us their second demo of Thrashing Death. Their style of Death Metal is evidently influenced by Slayer and such acts, along with all the American DM-pioneers: good, fast riffs with a thrashy touch and an occasional solo, nothing too technical but nothing primitive either.

The first thing one will probably notice is the quite lo-fi soundscape, which, along with the lyrics and the cover art, brings out the band's Black Metal-influences. The raw sounds make the band sound more original and give the songs aggression, thrashiness and atmosphere. When compared to their previous demo, this one is better in pretty much every way. The songs are a lot better and tighter, and now the sounds actually go with the songs. Only the vocals have taken a turn for the worse, as now they are growls that sound good otherwise, but are very badly recorded and are quite inaudible.

The songs themselves are very good: the dirty sounds create a solid base, and the band's evident attitude and taste in creating these tunes makes this demo really enjoyable. I still think that they could create their concept to be more original to them; all the elements are well used on this demo, but I think they could develop their concept further. Still, this is a really good presentation of their current style, and shows that the band is on the right path. Their future material might be even great if they manage to top this demo - and I think they will.

If this release was an EP I had given it a 7/10 or a bit less, but as it is a demo it deserves a higher grade. A really good buy if you're into thrashy, dirty death metal.

3½ / 5