On their debut EP Anal Barbara (heh heh) performs noisecore. If I understood it right, this EP was released in a certain event to support the Free Culture Center of Turku, which received all the profits from the release.

The noisecore on this EP is not too far from being actual noise. Occasionally you can hear a bit of drums or guitars, but most of the time the overall picture is full of fast, (dys)rhythmic, and at times almost bassy wall of distortion, clanging, and occasional distant shouting. After listening to this EP for a few times it starts to open up, and one starts to notice more and more things happening behind the noise-blur. The occasional guitar-shrieks and -shrills, shouts and "clear" beats team up with the distortion, rhythms and noise-blur, creating something really violent and addicting. Slowly one even gets a foggy image of what's actually been going on during the recording. One thing should now be certain: this truly is Noisecore.

Due to the EP opening up a little at a time, it can really get a hold over you. I became very curious to hear and understand better what's happening on it, and after numerous spins I still find it more and more enjoyable as I discover more elements constantly. The short lenght makes it sure that the EP's sounds don't start to bore you at any point, and that the concept doesn't get old.

The cover "art", which is printed on one side of a regular printer paper which is packed in a paper slip, features shabblily done humanoid creatures doing.. stuff, the band logo, song titles and such, and that's it. Simple and even cool in some weird way.

This record deserves to be taken seriously, even though it's looks might say otherwise.

8+ / 10