The goregrinding duo is back with a second album, recorded four months after their debut "The Gurgling Olympics". What has changed between these records? This album will be released as a CD through a real label instead of a MC by the members themselves, and the recording was done in four days instead of two, and the songs are now mostly over a minute long.

Musically the band is still pretty much where it was on their previous record; Regurgitate-influenced, groovy and heavy goregrind with gurgling pitch-shifter vocals. The song lenghts are still between less than a minute and two minutes, which is just the lenght for these songs to deliver what they have. The emphasis is now even more on heavy groove than on the previous record (which was based more on aggression), and there's even some pure pornogrind-moments here and there. There's nice rhythmics and good riffs to be heard constantly through the record.

The album's structure is well built; the tempo varies from slower groove to aggressive pounding many times through the record, which means that it doesn't get tame or boring at any point. There are a few points where one may think "well, this could sound more tight", but it's truly nothing major.

Even though the songs represent the same style as on the previous record, the compositions are better and there's more variation between the different styles and speeds. There's many, many hooks scattered all over the album, starting from some small but well-placed drum beats to entire rocking riffs of greatness.

Sound-wise the band has evolved nicely; the vocals are even more low, gurgly and gruff, the guitars are heavier but still edgy, the bass guitar sounds powerful and can be heard well, and even the bass drum's sound fits perfectly into the music with it's heavy pounding. There is not much left to complain in this department; the guitars could be heavier, though, but they might lose their thrashy edge at the same time. The gurgling vocals add some good rhythms on top of the songs, and are made with good taste so that the gurgles don't sound lame or ridiculous, as sometimes is the case. There's also a lot of variation in the gurgles, as odd as it may sound. Oh, and the songs have no lyrics at all.

Whereas the last album was designed in the vein of an old Carcass' demo, this album's graphics are based on clips and pictures from english newspapers. At least it looks like something that will likely catch one's eye. I can't really comment more on the cover arts, as the promo-version doesn't have all of it included.

Even though this album isn't exactly the model example of originality, it's still very good in all aspects - and done with a lot of attitude. Recommended.

9- / 10