Circle Snare is Mr. Wiese's latest output in his huge and ever-growing discography. The record concists of short bursts of noise, which are made from amazingly varying sounds; from drum sounds and clangs to various mechanical sounds (some sound as they're from a printer, and so forth) to just pure high&low gritty distortion to a few bassy sounds and more of higher, even headachy sounds... and the list goes on. All of these sounds have been placed and cut-up in a way that might seem pretty random at first.

The sounds have a surprising amount of breathing room, partially due to the sounds been clearly separated into two tracks, meaning one track for each earpiece, but also because it's like the sounds were placed on a sterile background; when there's nothing the artist would want there to be, there is absolutely nothing to be heard. The sounds build up slowly from gritty beats and other small, individual bursts into more violent, edgy and high-pitch noise that takes more of the space to itself, and then back again to the calmer approach for a short while. The album doesn't get stuck to anything during it's spin, and remains interesting for it's whole lenght. The sounds and soundscapes may vary a lot even in the shortest time, bouncing the listener around in the record's complex structure, which makes the record even more interesting; there is an enormous amount of stuff to be heard, all very much different from each other while still forming a truly working whole.

Occasionally it feels that the soundscape is a bit thin, which is the result of occasionally using a very limited amount of sounds, or very clear ones during certain periods, and the very limited use of lower frequencies. The sounds evolve and change in such an intense, hectic, even in an aggressive way, which makes the created soundscape a good thing that allows one to hear everything that is going on. The listening experience is very intense, and concentrating on this record with a good head-set really pays off for many, many spins.

The album starts off slowly with various gritty beats, and it also end quite calmly with the four minutes long "Mystical Finland". The last track is quite different from the three previous ones as it holds a smaller amount of sounds, which makes it sound even restrained at times in comparison to the other tracks. The track starts slowly and quietly, but in the half-way it turns into a noisy, shrieking and clanging beast. Then, suddenly, the noise ends and all that is left is some applause from the audience (which is a pretty lame ending for the album in my opinion, but luckily the applause doesn't last long, even though it would be well deserved) and the feeling of "What, it ended already?".

It really sounds that this record was made with experience, which is something the artist truly has a lot of. It's like he had a ready image of this record in his head, and he just placed all the sounds where they belong. The half an hour is packed with varying, original, and hooking sounds and ideas. Thirty minutes is just the lenght for this record, as the sounds don't have the time to become boring or stale; quite on the opposite, they remain fresh, effective and interesting for the whole lenght of the record. Pretty much the only minus comes from the dull packaging.

10- / 10