Finger Death Party are a two-man-band from the U.S. and, well, that's about all the info I could find about them. They have participated on about five split releases, this being one of the most recent ones. On this release they play some surprisingly low-tuned noisy grinding, using only a guitar with no feedback, drums and vocals.

The first three songs (and also minutes) consist of random short (few seconds long) outbursts, with breaks between them, placed after each other. On top of these there's some both high and low growls that don't really sound good at all. The fourth and the last song, having no vocals, is mostly some low-skill guitar jamming with an occasional grind-burst with drums. You might hear some familiar tunes on this track, but five and half minutes of this is truly way too much, especially as their whole effort on this split lasts for only eight or so minutes. The first three tracks just fly by, whereas the repetitive fourth track seems to last way too long.

I don't know what to think of this band. Are they a lame joke? At least their presentation on this split makes me think that way. Their music sure is noisy, I give them that.

Grading: FDP gets a 3-/10 due to the fact that I hesitate to give them a grade as high as 3/10.

The Finnish Rectal Machete seem to have more of an idea in their music. This is their first split, done after two (or three, depending on how you count) promising demo-releases. They have thirty (30!) songs on this split, and their total lenght is about eighteen minutes, which means that the songs are way under a minute long (except for the last track which is one and a half minute long). Using a guitar, bass, drums and varying vocals the band creates a high-pitched, shrieking demon of noisecore.

The songs consist of pretty random fast noise produced with the instruments, along with some occasional parts that are slower and some that have even something of a structure and riff, spiced with quite a few short but well chosen movie/tv-samples. The drums provide fast and aggressive pounding, but they also create some interesting sounds and patterns from time to time. The very distorted guitar makes high, shrieking noise along with some solo-like stuff and even some short riffs, and takes care of the record's overall noisiness. The bass makes sure that the soundscape doesn't get too thin, but it's not audible for most of the time due to it's mushy sound being covered by the guitar. The vocals are distorted and really aggressive, ranging from shouting to screaming and growling, all of which fit really well to the music.

Sound-wise the album is pleasantly lo-fi and overall really noisy, which fits to the songs really well. I would gladly have the bass a bit more audible, but otherwise the sounds are really good; and in this style of music the bass isn't usually heard anyway.

The RM-side is overall very well structured; the samples and the variation between the songs and their style makes it sure that their side lasts for many spins. And of course, the noisiness makes you spot new things in the songs as you listen to them more and more, but they sound good already on the first spin. The band has managed to add a good dose of violence and addictive qualities to their release. The track titles also need to be mentioned, because they manage to be humorous, occasionally even witty, and they also make a couple of good points.

RM gets an 7/10. I think that they could make more out of the bass guitar. I also think that they could create a really addicting and a honestly original record one day, as they gain more experience and manage to present their ideas more efficiently. Even though the noisy sounds do deliver the songs well, I think that the noise also hides some of the band's ideas behind it. The noise-feedback and overall distortion also makes the band rely too much on it, causing some of the songs to lack in other qualities - this is luckily rarely visible, so worry not.

The release is very uneven when thinking about the band choices, and it could also last a bit longer. Thus: RM's grade (yes, I am ignoring FDP here) minus those facts equals 7-/10.

3- / 10 & 7 / 10
7- / 10