Temples play traditional doom/sludge with main emphasis on traditional side of things. The demo starts with shortest and fastest track, The Dying Nomad, clockin in 7.00 minutes. From here on the two remaining tracks are progressevely slower and longer, which reminds me of Saint Vitus debut.

The production is fuzzy, buzzy and loaded with low-end. There is not too much disortion on the instruments though, for comparisons, Jex Toth and Electric Wizard's Witchcult Today. Aside from riffs, there isnt anything really great here. Drummer does some nice fills and vocalist has a good voice but nothing too groundbreaking.

Tracks never become repetitive and dull and song-writing is certainly the strenght of the band. Everything flows nicely and not one song feels too long or too short.

Cover art is pretty basic and there was no lyrics with the cd, which is always a shame.

If you like trad doom like Saint Vitus or Electric Wizard's Witchcult Today, you will probably like Temples too. Otherwise you might wanna skip it. For me, this demo has become something i tend to listen few times a week.

4+ / 5