I am doing this review just because every zine with self-respect has to have a review of Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger.

Admittely, there is not too much what one can say about this album what hasn't already been said.

This album laid the blue-print for almost all raw and not-so raw black metal bands to follow with its production. This album, recorded in studio, sounds more like something you would hear from an LLN band than Norwegian black metal band.

The guitar is disorted and some would say it sounds like radio-static but I beg to differ. Even though it does kinda sound like static, you can still clearly hear the chord changes and riffs. Oh, and as a site note, the drum pattern changes in tracks Graven Tåkeheimens Saler and I en Hall Med og Mjod.

Alongside with the guitars only notable thing with production on this album is the drums, which pound away in the background. They keep steady beat throughout the album, mostly with same drum pattern, with the two expections I listed.

To me this is one of the ultimates in cold and harsh atmosphere. The atmosphere of this album, for me at least, is yet to be topped. With Nocturno's vocal work, the production, the riffs and the steady drum pattern, this album actually manages to convey atmosphere that makes you feel like your bones are freezin.

My main complaint is inclusion of the second track, Over Fjell Og Gjennom Torner, which is short, 2 min track. It doesnt share the same cold, harsh atmosphere of the other tracks and kinda brakes the mood for me. I find myself usually just skippin over it.

The album art is also pleasantly minimalistic. There is no promo pics of the band and only two picturers at all. There is not too much to say about it but I like it.

As a bottom line here, GET THIS, if you dont own this yet. A must album for anyone into black metal.

9½ / 10