I can already say, on first sentence, that this album/demo is probably my album of the year. To those, who opened this review and thought that it is about Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe, you are gonna be dissapointed (I havent lost all of my sanity yet). As a huge VON fan, first time I read that Nuclear War Now! will release new/old material from the entities behind VON, I got excited. When I heard it was not going to be black metal but somekind of deathrock/post-punk with satanic lyrics hybrid, I got even more excited.

When I received the pic lp in the box, I was kinda dissapointed. The lp in its plastic bag almost didnt fit into the covers, it has to be forced in. Secondly, the plastic is broken from every side. You gotta be very careful to put it in because of the possibility of it falling to the floor. The cover art isn't glossy but printed on simple cardboard. While this works fine with the front-cover, the band photo of back-cover is damaged, as you cannot make out most of it. Also, the glueing isnt working, as the covers are falling apart from one corner as I got it. These are just minor complaints though, as the quality of music is so high (and I do hope that those of you who order this, receive it in a better condition than I did).

The production blew my mind. It isn't as muddy as on VON demos, but it is far from hifi. The production is spacey, like Joy Division's Unkown Pleasures. Goat aka VON does his clean vocals wonderfully. You can make out every instrument clearly, thanks to the fact that none of the is distorted. The melodies band present here are very simple, yet effective. Even so much that I would call the atmosphere presented here better than what was on VON's Satanic Blood Angel. The album is just right lenght, not too long but short enough to keep you wanting to listen to it again.

I simply recommend this for everyone.

9½ / 10