The Finnish Horros was formed in the year '08 by three young fellows. They have made two rehearsal recordings (which were not officially released) prior to this studio-recorded EP. Their style has been referred to as doom-HC and lo-fi thrashing Crust. The songs are mostly around two minutes in lenght.

Side A starts with an instrumental song with a rather melancholic feel, but the next song is what we're really here for; the gritty and somewhat bassy guitars and powerful bass start creating a rather fast crust song with a nice thrashy solo in the end and a really nice, slower and groovy chorus. The rather powerful and organic drum sounds back up the songs well, and there's a good amount of fills to keep one interested. The next song is faster and simpler, again spiced with an oldschool-thrash solo. After the few seconds long grind-esque outburst "Inhale...", the song five continues with a short sludge/doom-intro but soon turns into a fast and violent crust-outburst with simple HC-riffing. Despite it's simplisticity, it has a good amount of aggression and it has enough of small changes and hooks to stay interesting. It slows down for a while in it's end, making the next song's beginning with it's simple drum jamming (think about modern sludge) with just a little help from guitars a natural follow-up. The song has a short and violent crust-part in it's end, and the next song continues in the same vein. Song number seven is actually rather close to grindcore with it's really fast drumming and repetitive and simple riffing, but it has a chorus more closer to HC so the song doesn't stand out in a bad way.

Side B also starts with a rather melancholic and slow instrumental, which has some really emotional guitar work. The song soon turns to mid-tempo crust that seems to be stuck, jamming it's repetitive riffs, but it's doomy chorus really saves it. The song soon picks up it's pace, and it's aggressive end beating really leave a good impression. The second song also starts slowly with a short melodic intro, but it soon makes room for the rather HC-oriented song with a really nice and rhythmic chorus. The last song is one of the best on the record with it's good amount of aggression, and especially due to it's impressive chorus that relies on breakdowns. The song really makes you bang your head, which makes it all the more sad that it's really short and ends the record.

The two vocalists both use low growls and shouts for most of the time, and due to the lo-fi recording equipment their sound fits in well with the gritty soundscape, bringing along a good amount of catchiness and additional aggression. They sound a bit amateurish at times, but they still fit in well. The band has created a very varying whole, as you can see above, with influences from many genres outside crust. The band has knit these influences together well, as the record doesn't seem messy at any point; a bit on the contrary, the record keeps pleasantly surprising you with it's twists. Be it the fast and really appealing oldschool thrash-solos, the melancholic intro-songs, skillful and varying drumming, or the hc's simplisticity or the crustiness in general, there's most likely something on this record that appeals to you. The band sounds like it's found it's own style, and the influences from other genres are like tasteful spices to keep things on the move. I think that in the future they're able to execute their music with all it's influences in a slightly more solid, tight form, which would help them to make a bigger impact.

Still, the band is just a year old. Although they play well together, some tracks sound like they would've benefited from additional rehearsing to see if there could've been something more added to them. This applies mostly to the simpler songs on the record, such as the opener of side B: it's slow groove is appealing, but it sounds a bit bare. If the bass was more audible on this one, it might make a lot greater impact. These flaws are nothing big and might partly exist due to the lo-fi sounds, but are worth mentioning nonetheless. There's also a small amount of what seems like filler riffing, but that's even less noteworthy.

I'm most interested to see what this band will create in the future, that's for sure. If they tighten up their expression just a bit and focus on developing the slower and more bare parts, there's no telling what they could be capable of. One last thing: when you buy this record, try not to be scared by the rather, say, DIY-cover arts. This is crust, after all.

8- / 10