I wonít lie to you; the first thing that spiked my interest in this band is their location, Kazakhstan. The central Asian republic famed for... err... Borat, can hardly be described as a metal haven, so a band like Orphan, whose brand of death metal might arouse suspicions for looking like Jew (sorry), are a highly intriguing prospect.

The type of death metal Orphan play is slow, low-fi, and sludgy and creeping, and occasionally groove filled, creating a disturbing atmosphere, though this could be due to Kazakh recording facilities, as the last thing that can be said about the production is Ďclearí, and unsurprisingly a well mixed bass canít save it.

The vocals are little more than a weak whisper (though they are in Kazakh/Russian!) and everything sounds like itís playing in the next room (mainly the drums), rather than from your speakers.

While pretty standard, the riffing certainly throws up a few gems now and again, especially on ĎWinter When I Dieí. As mentioned before, there is a lot of chugging, and the solos are again, pretty average.

As nice as this is, you canít help but feel that part of their appeal is simply because they are from Kazakhstan, because, let's face it, that really is the only reason Iíve actually bothered to listen to them. This being said, this isnít totally worthless, as it is fully competent death metal, if a bit tedious at times. Even so, you canít dislike Orphan. Any band that comes from a place where your sea is disappearing is pretty brutal.

6Ĺ / 10