Arroyo is a young Finnish mincecore-act, and this is their first demo. If you're not familiar with the term mincecore, here's the basics of it: it was made up by Agathocles to describe their brand of music, which is oldschool, raw and minimalistic grindcore.

The demo starts with a really simple, fast and aggressive song with a nicely bouncing short chorus, kicking the demo in motion. The next song is longest on the demo with it's lenght of over a minute, and musically it's pure groovy mid-tempo pornogrind. This song is really memorable, and it's catchy bass riff will likely be playing in your head for a long time. The song's short and blasting chorus keeps it from standing out too much amidst the other tracks. Song three is based on really simple and bare groove, being somewhere between the two previous ones. Song four lasts for less than half a minute, and it's again a simple and really aggressive song. Three and a half minutes have now passed, and the demo is now over.

The soundscape is lo-fi for sure, but fittingly so. The guitar's harsh and somewhat thin distortion, the bass's damp pounding and the natural-sounding drums and their riffs and beats are all well audible, but the whole sounds pleasantly messy; and in a natural way, too. The balance between the instruments change at times, keeping the soundscape moving and alive. My guess would be that this demo was recorded live in the studio. The vocals vary from deep growls to high shouts, and even though they're not the most original or professional ones out there, they do have a good oldschool-vibe. Two vocal styles also bring more variation to the whole. The deep growls lack aggression, but I guess they were used to bring some variation and oldschool-vibe to the songs instead of actually sounding aggressive. They fit rather well to the second track, though.

The demo presents a small taste of quality mincecore by a band that knows what it's aiming for. Still, it's hard to get a good image of a band and their capabilities based on this short a release, and the lenght also lowers the re-listening value: hence the low-ish grade. Fans of true oldschool grit should keep an eye on this band, as, I think, after some time has passed they should've managed to tighten up their expression a bit and maybe even have added a slight dose of originality to the mix, making them capable of dealing real killer blows. I would've gladly seen the lyrics with the release, too, as they often play a big role in this kind of grindcore.

3+ / 5