November 2009, the goregrinders of TDM had a rehearsal which turned into a recording session, the result of which being this freely downloadable EP. This EP's existance is justified by many reasons. First off, it's the debut of TDM's expanded line-up (the band was a duo prior to this release), secondly it is the band's last recording with the vocalist Juho, and thirdly it features three new songs from their yet unreleased third full-lenght. This "live" EP was recorded in the following way: the drums, bass and one guitar were recorded live, and the guitars were doubled and the vocals recorded separately.

Maggots Devouring Your Innards, originally the opener of the band's second full-lenght, has a slow start but it soon turns into something that sums up the band's style nicely: fast and groovy goregrind with riffs influenced by Regurgitate and hardcore punk's simplisticity, topped with pitch-shifted gurgling vocals. The next three songs are the previously unheard ones to be featured on the upcoming third full-lenght, and they show well that the band's skill for writing simple but groovy riffs hasn't gone anywhere. These songs include some screaming vocals previously unheard from the band, and they bring a good dose of raw live-feel, aggression and variation to the songs. The next nine songs are originally from the band's debut full-lenght, but they will also be featured on the upcoming album as re-recorded versions. These songs are slightly simpler in their nature, but they have the most rocking groove and catchiness on this record; my guess is that it's, in addition to the simplisticity, due to the band having rehearsed this material the most, meaning that they can express themselves more freely and tightly. The execution of the three new songs is instrument-wise slightly "insecure" in comparison to the other ones, but they still leave a good impression.

The songs and the instruments have a nice amount of rage in them brought by the nature of the recording session, and i wouldn't have minded if the gurgles would've had a bit more of that same touch in them. All the musicians handle their place well, the special mention going to the drummer for the quality fills and groove. One can spot some slight errors in the playing, but it merely add to the live-feeling instead of damaging the record. The used soundscape is pleasing, as all the instruments are well audible and the songs sound both heavy and sharp enough to suit the riffs. Only the bass guitar has less fitting sounds as it's rather back in the mix with very bassy and even droning sounds, making it's riffs sound mushy, not helping the guitars.

Shithole Live is structure-wise a compilation, so it doesn't have a good flow from one song to another. I wouldn't have minded if it was wholly recorded live, as now it's nature and sound is divided in a way that does the band no justice. Although the EP doesn't present the band at their best, it's still a nice gesture to the fans and gives a good image of the band's style to those not yet familiar with it whilst also debuting some new songs. Not bad.

7- / 10