Sutra is a new project of Finnish Ilkka Vekka, who is known for excellent psychedelic noise he does under the name Haare. I think he said in a recent interview (published in Special Interests #2 magazine) that looking in retrospect this Sutra CD-r could’ve been done as Haare also. That’s understandable because to some extent Sutra operates in the same waters. However this release has some different characteristics. To put it short, it’s a blend of pretty dark manipulated guitar sounds and psychedelic noise with a certain Buddhist vibe. Whatever that means, I just couldn’t come up with a better description.

Simply but neatly packaged cd-r contains two lengthy songs. The first one, “Sutra”, is a mix of distant acoustic guitar, a light wall of some kind of noisy but relaxed loop and many small details. Some parts sound like a field recording from nocturnal Delhi. The overall feeling is mysterious, meditative and it is easy to look at the cover art and fall into a flow of esoteric Buddhist imagery. The track progresses very naturally. I know nothing about Mr Vekka’s composing methods but to me it sounds well thought-out but the long repetitions and small movements give the track enough room to breathe. This kind of stuff is always called hypnotic so the word has gone through some kind of inflation. But here, that’s exactly what it is. Hypnotic shit.

Second track, “The Howling Sun”, is a logical companion to the first track. The name of the track guides one’s thoughts to more cosmic context. And the sounds back up the impression. The noises sound like some mystical transmissions. As the song goes on there’s also some percussion elements and enough small textures to keep the listener’s attention focused.

The record is very good for meditative sessions and getting your brain jammed in a zen-loop. Still I must admit that perhaps I expected something that would separate Sutra from Haare more clearly.

8˝ / 10