RxAxPxE: Cybergrind. It's extremely fast and pretty much incomprehensible. Only thing that makes this cybergrind is the fact that there is a drum machine, probably pushed to the 999 bpm, in the background. Otherwise this would go fine as another noise release. The music itself is good. A lot of samples, sudden bursts of distorted sounds and a drum machine going crazy. The record in itself is very short, which due to the nature of the release is a good thing. If the music would go on longer it would probably just bore the listener.

Cock-Gun Blast: This is pure noise. There isn't really anything else to say about it. There is a lot better noise out there, that is for sure. To quench a need for some noise, this is fine. Otherwise, this is pretty much standard noise fare. Nothing to get excited over.

The artwork of this release is extremely spartan but I enjoy it greatly. The vinyl comes just in plastic bag, where is also short strip of paper with label logo on. On the vinyl itself there is just names of band in the middle labels and numbers 45. This is also my first vinyl with big middle hole. I think the big middle hole makes the vinyl look way better than the small one. At least on seven inch vinyl. The choice to put this out on clear vinyl I don't understand but it looks good.

If you want short burst of noise, get this. You might not listen to this very often but it is good listening once in a while. If you don't enjoy noise and expect some grindcore, don't get this. You will be dissapointed.

7 / 10