Mucophiliac Narcolepsy plays noisecore, or that's what they say, i think this is also good noise. On this record you can mostly hear simple drumming with snare and tambourine and some kind of a metal drum, which have very cold and plain sound which fits very well on the soundscape, and some low and also high distorted buzz that sounds a bit like it'd be guitar-made. There are some clear vocals, maybe samples? In some parts the vocals are almost death metal-like growling if you can hear those through the noisy parts, but mostly the vocals are breathing noises and low growling when there are vocals at all. After while there are also very aggressive parts where the drums go fast and wild and the growling vocals sound great and the other sounds and noises are backing, this combination works well.

I'm not sure which side is which because there is no track list or any sign which side is A-side or B-side, but what i think is A-side has somewhere in the middle a very nice low and high buzz which creates static soundwall, though you can still slightly hear through it and find not so high, changching and distorted sound what i found very nice and addictive! On these soundwall-parts you can still hear some fast drumming on the back which brings nice depth to this sound so it doesn't sound just some plain noise. On this part there is also this very low sound and I can't figure out what it is, it doesn't sound like a bass or anything like that, it sounds like there is two noise or noisecore samples at the same time and they create this big wall of noise, it sounds amazing!

The cover is a simple white one where reads "Mucophiliac Narcolepsy" on distorted yellow, it looks like the whole thing has been inverted from some other colors, it looks a bit crappy and there is nothing interesting about it. Inside it says the name of tape and that the tape contains no tracklist. Nothing to say about these covers but BORING!

After all it is a very long noisecore release, 40 minutes of all kinds of noises and sounds, so it was hard to review this because i had to listen it again and again but it's so long, that after few times it all started to sound about same and dull. I must say that you can listen it once through and then you have to let it be for while because it is too long. There are very good noise-parts and interesting sounds, but it suffers from the length.

3 / 5