I have waited for this vinyl for a loooong time. I have waited this from the time I somehow ended up at Caskets Open's myspace and heard the song Jonestown, I believe that it was somewhere in 2009. I am happy that the band decided to release their debut as vinyl only on Streaks Records. I was kind of anxious if it would be another CD only debut, as that would have meant me skipping buying the album and buying some other vinyls and/or cassettes.

Production of this album is good, dirty and not too polished/clean but also lacks bit of bass. The musicianship is solid enough and vocals are clean and good. Musically there will be pretty much instant comparison to certain finnish doom band and that band is Reverend Bizarre. I find that Caskets Open are different enough not to be a real copycat band. Of course there are negative things. One is that almost all the tracks sound very similiar and flow into each other. You cannot really make out when track ends and track begins. This also makes listening to the album in one sitting a bit boring.

The artwork is great. When I saw the pictures of the album, I thought the pics of the kinky leather demoness' were photos but when I received the vinyl I found out that they were actually drawn/painted. Lyrically this band is not top notch. While Jonestown tells a harrowing tale of last days of Jonestown (duh), other lyrics aren't as good. They are pretty confusing and don't have a clear "tale". While with some music this isn't too big of a problem, with doom metal I find this to have a degrading quality to the music.

Even though I said many negative things about this album, I really recommend this to fans of doom metal. It's different enough but still has really familiar vibe. While in long listens it's a bit boring, on short bits its really good album. And Jonestown rocks.

8 / 10