Aspectee is a young solo-project, it was formed just in 2008 as a parallel project of "Evoke Scurvee". This is the project's debut release, and after this one Aspectee has taken part on one compilation and released it's debut album "Morben" in the late 2009.

Visually the release is just a grey mush, but luckily it has quite a bit to give musically. It begins with a slightly noisy and thin loop panning between left and right, but it slowly evolves into something with more texture through some varying and a bit noisy ambience giving the soundscape it's soul. The noisiness drops off before the halfway to give way for cleaner, barer and a lot calmer expression, but after passing the four minutes' mark the song becomes a slightly calmer version of the slightly noisy ambient track consisting of a few, quite clearly separated layers that it was in the beginning, too. The ending is hasty and dull, doing no justice to anything heard before it.

There's something very bizarre going on here. Even though the release consists of a sparse amount of elements with a quite clear sound, the simple way they're layered makes them very interesting. The harsher layers in the back have a lot of detail in them, and they vary and change so many times during the five minutes that the song is quite hard to grasp even after numerous listens. The simpler sounds that are higher in the mix are the actual driving force, and even though they sound decent on their own it's clear that the song stays interesting only because of the detailed backgrounds that give the song's whole it's character.

It's all peaceful, but there's a lot to see under the surface. The thing just is that this is a single; a one song of under six minutes that's so packed with variance that it can even be a quite heavy listening experience, which is something one would not expect at first. The song would be better if it was longer and all the different layers had more free room to move and to evolve in, as it would make the song's structure and flow more natural. In it's current form the outcome seems a bit forced and too packed.

This is a very intriquing song and I'll surely keep my eye on the band. The single shows a lot of effort, maybe even too much of it, but despite it's flaws it presents a band (and a soundscape) with a good sense of style and a very original touch. Two euros plus the postage is a bit high price for a song this short, but it's all of good quality - and if the cover arts were better, the price would be just right.

7 / 10