"Poliisi On Korruptioo" is the second demo from this finnish hardcore punk-group, which was formed by four young women in the late 2009. Thet have made around five gigs since, gaining themselves quite a notorious reputation.

After a very short classical intro, it begins: messy, chaotic and crude hardcore punk with not much musicianship involved. The first song is pretty usual sound-wise due to it having been recorded at a rehearsal place, the usual in this case meaning overall harsh and hissing sounds due to the heavy cymbal usage, but the following two studio-recorded songs have more originality and the band's traits are more clearly distinct. The guitars are mis-tuned and -played despite the simplistic riffs, the same pretty much goes for the bass guitar, the cymbal-heavy drum beats sound pretty off, and the drunken vocals don't really steer the whole into a more musical or logical direction with their crude and thin distorted sound either.

The cover song sounds really pleasing despite it's slow-ish pace and very minimalistic style. It's a rhythmic and relatively peaceful one in a way, but the band manages to make it sound chaotic as well so that it doesn't stand out too much, or in a wrong way.

The band's drunken and uncontrollable nature shows in everything from the raging lyrics and the "anti-musical" playing, down to the heavily DIY cover arts, confusing and quarrelsome image, and the fact that the demo lasts for less than four minutes, only half of which is the band's own material, and still consists of material from two recording sessions.

It's easy to find the flaws here. The soundscape varies between the songs, and as the songs are not the fastest kind they easily end up sounding very messy instead of some raging chaos - it's up to you to decide if this is a good or a bad thing, but nonetheless the songs would need more impact. It's a great shame that the band consisted the demo of only two of their original songs, as one can't really get a decent image of their (musical) style based on these ones. It's just way too short and disconnected. The band gives a good image of their enthusiasm and attitude, though, and I think that describing the music as "Drunk Punk" gives a good enough image of the band's style to the potentially interested.

Hate it or love it, I think that it's not too often that one gets to hear some as out-of-control and noisy hardcore as what this demo and Melusaaste present. If you enjoy drunken and chaotic hardcore punk and bands such as Creepy Crawlie, Ristisaatto, Maho Neitsyt and Kuolema, you might do well to check this one out. It will surely be interesting to see where these girls go from here.

3 / 5