Overbreath is a Thrash / Heavy Metal -trio that was formed in 2008, and they decided to release their second EP already now in 2010. As one can see from the EP's name, the band's confidence in their material hasn't toned down a bit since their debut EP.

The EP starts off with a song that's like an oldschool thrash tune with a slight modern touch and a good dose of punk-influence - simplistic but aggressive, and thus a good way to start the EP. Its follow-up is a bit more interesting with its drive that owes quite a bit to melodic death metal. It switches between slow and rhythmic riffing to some really primitive beatings and fast thrash riffs, and has a good energetic solo-part in it's end. The song's overall structure and flow brings out the Metallica-influences, but not in a bad nor a too noticeable way. Song three features some really pleasant riffing reminiscent of the 80's American thrash legends and has a pleasant drive overall, but it fails in it's chorus which tries to be way too dramatic and "heavy" for it's own good. After the short instrumental "Phimosis" we get to the album's closer that relies on it's heavily rhythmic but still rocking riffs and their variation with some simplistic shredding. The rock-styled parts create a nice contrast to the simple but powerful chorus and it's clear rhythms, and there's also a dramatic mid-part in the song's end to really lift the song's power up. It's very catchy and memorable, and a good way to end the EP.

The band seems to have spent a good amount of time on the compositions and rehearsing them, as well as on the recording process itself. The EP has a pretty relaxed and un-forced feel, and all the instruments deliver their energy well. The band seems to have found their own sound and style for now, and the band's enthusiasm shows. Using just one language in the vocals brings some more cohesion to the EP as well. It's good to see that the band has learned and improved from their past efforts.

I just wish that the guitar sound was less polished, as even though it sounds pretty raw and powerful, it lacks the edge that would give the riffs more impact. A sturdier bass guitar sound would've been needed as well, so that the guitar wouldn't have as much responsibility in taking the songs forward - although the clean but powerful drums make up for this quite a lot. In its current form the soundscape ends up sounding just a bit too thin and bare in the slowest and the most simplistic parts, which damages the record's re-listening value by a lot, and even the good-quality compositions and the high overall energy level aren't enough to save the EP. The vocalist's voice would still need some more credibility and power

Shortly said: the band has gone forward a lot, but have yet to find better ways to make their one-guitar approach deliver more power, and the vocalist still needs some more credibility. Overbreath seems to be close to finding their own style and sound, so I wouldn't wonder if their next release would be the definitive one for them and their style.

7 / 10