Condemned system is an oldschool grindcore duo from Germany, and this EP is their debut release. The vocal duties are handled by Wayne, who's known from Tainted Corrosive Mist and Burt among other bands, and he's also the owner of Puzzle Records. The guitar, bass, drum programming and composing on this EP are handled by the band's founder Dissen. The band's name is taken from Terrorizer, which might give you a hint of what to expect.

After a brief bombing-sample intro, we instantly get to the business. A couple of guitars execute some simplistic but effective grindcore riffs with the usual oldschool punk-spice in them. Their raw and powerful sound could be slightly sharper, but a heavy sound of this kind underlines their merciless and "trend-unfriendly" nature, making them sound more effective and appealing this way. The bass guitar mainly strenghtens the guitar attack while adding some pulse and drive to the songs, and does its work well. It's pretty easy to notice its effect as when its sound lacks power here and there, it shows in the whole song seeming surprisingly flat. The vocals are really aggressive and hoarse shouts, and they carry a great amount of power and truly add to the songs' effect in a positive way - and this is even emphasized by the lyrics that heavily criticize modern times.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the band does use programmed drums. Even though the drums don't really add much to the soundscape with their sharp but powerless sounds and occasionally even flatten the songs in their most aggressive parts, they do provide the whole beat-section while leaving a good amount of room for the guitars to fill. It's up to one's personal preference if to like it or not to, but I found the solution to be working well - and, naturally, it amplifies the band's uncommercial nature and sound. This is grindcore for those who know how they want it delivered.

The riffs are mainly fast and really traditional ones, but there's enough of small twists, slower, more rhythmic parts, and hooks to keep one interested on the EP for quite some time, and it manages to deliver it's aggression even after quite some time. The overall song quality ranges from killer to decent, but even with the varying song quality the end result stays on the positive side due to it's relentless nature. I only wonder how the band picked out the samples to use, as there's a couple taken from Star Wars that don't really seem to fit in at all.

If the band manages to shed out a bit of it's homemade nature and replaces it with more aggression, more powerful rhythms, and a more even song quality, this band might become very noteworthy. A competent debut.

7+ / 10