Moral Front is an old-fashioned hardcore punk -group from Finland. This is their debut demo I bought due to the band's convincing gig at Hässäkkä-päivät.

Noisy and powerful '82-hardcore would sum it up pretty well. The guitar has a pretty gritty and distorted, even noisy sound, which works fine in giving the songs some edge and creating a good contrast to the powefully pounding, damp and surprisingly loud bass guitar. The drums are similarly soft but heavy, and their more or less chaotic delivery adds a great deal of extra power and energy to the songs. The two male vocalists don't really stick out, they moreso dwell amidst the chaos with their harsh delivery. The harshness eats a good deal of power away from the vocals, which makes them sound a bit monotonal, but luckily their aggression makes up for it.

The songs vary commendably from the traditional and chaotic 82-simplisticity to some more power violence-oriented rhythms and blasting, along with some slower, guitar(noise) -based parts and a few powerful rhythm-based parts and breakdowns. The eleven minutes is fully packed. Lyrics the demo mostly deals with modern world anxiety and antisocial hatred, and it fits perfectly together with its musical side.

The band seems to know what it's doing, but a few things should be worked on. The demo's soundscape is too massive, meaning the heavy bass and drums, that mush up the soundscape and make it too full and clouded for the whole songs to bring out their best. The guitar loses too much edge despite it's noisy sound, and the vocal distortion doesn't help either. As the end result, the demo is a bit of a heavy listen. Composition-wise the band creates overall good tunes, but don't seem to have found their style yet; the balance between the noisiest and messiest parts and the more musical parts is wobbly, causing the demo to sound aimless at times.

It's always to hear something this fresh and honest. I hope the band keeps up their hard work in the future as well, and keep on refining their attitude and aggression into a tighter form.

4- / 5