Saturnian Mist (interviewed here) is a Black Metal-group that begun its actions in 2006, and have made an untitled demo, a split with Creatura and the "Repellings"-EP (reviewed here) since then. Now, the band is in the process of forging their debut full-lenght, and this promo was released to demonstrate the band's style and talent to some labels - and as it's not available for public, expect some more generic commentation than usually.

Many things have changed since the Repellings-EP; the style of the riffs is more or less the same, but the songs are now five to six minutes in lenght, and have more of their own twists and spesified nature instead of a more holistic approach. The vocalist seems more devoted and versatile these days, and his harsh shouts and screams work perfectly together with the harsh and clear soundscape. The vocals have a great deal of room to operate and to convince amidst the songs, but get no wrong ideas; SM is a full band these days, and it shows well in how the different isntruments have received more freedom of expression compared to the older material - "The Regicide" even features a guitar solo.

The songs vary greatly from each other; from the straight-forward and hostile opener we get to the lot slower, heavier, more atmospheric and even ritualistic second track. The third one is a more or less melancholic one, with high-pitched and slow guitars and a pretty catchy and emotion-filled chorus that makes me miss a lyric sheet. It builds up to a more grand ending, with a female vocalist adding even more depth to the song. The fourth one is a truly hostile one. It begins with pretty straight-forward blasting (not of the fastest kind, worry not) with some atmospheric depth by the guitars, but soon changes through a calmer but equally threatening part with some adding a pious feel to it.

It's pretty difficult to imagine what the album will be like, but some things are clear; it will feature some very powerful build-ups and overall be something more massive than anything heard from the band before, and it will be more versatile and have more variation and even experimentation. It's good to notice that Saturnian Mist is now a fully functioning group instead of one relying on session members, as it can clearly be noted how the band's output has gotten richer through the process.

I cannot comment on the release per se, as it's merely a promo recorded on an 8-tracker, but based on it's promises one can expect great things from the band in the future. I hope that they manage to tighten their output just a bit, as the main thing lacking is the conversation and interaction between the instruments; they all have their places and functions and they fill them well, but I'd like to see them expressed slightly more naturally. As such, this promo is a great one, and I'm surely excited to get to hear the actual album when it comes out.

4 / 5