So, what we're dealing with here is a one-man drum machine -powered death metal band from the 80s. The original demo was released already in '86 under the name "Hellish Torment," but the version I'm reviewing is a one-sided bootleg 7"-vinyl from 2005.

The release begins with such intensity that the more sensitive people are bound to freak out. The drum machine fire together with the ultra-demonic vocals and raw guitar sound will ensure that the end result truly sounds raw. Overall the sounds are really lo-fi and crude. The songs blast forward with a fast pace, and the whole slab is over in less than six minutes. Hellhouse plays some kind of death metal, but the references to grindcore and black metal are clearly notable. The oldschool-styled cover arts look fine, but could have included more information.

All in all it's unbelievable that this kind of material has been made already in the mid 80s, and I can well claim that this is one of the most extreme recordings of the decade!

8 / 10