Nordwind is a Canadian duo, formed in '07 by members from such bands as Pestkreuz, Adversarium and Godless North. They got their debut demo out in '08, and it's follow-up "Thy Will Be Done"-EP was released now in 2010. As do the other bands, Nordwind performs Black Metal.

The four tracks are very raw, crude and somewhat simplistic, and it's all highlighted by the fact that the band's string section consists of on a single electric guitar with the bass being far, far in the distance. The songs are mostly a bit above mid-tempo, and alongside the repetition they focus on getting the most power out of the instruments to create a primitive but interesting and atmospheric soundscape. The drums sound organic and have a decent amount of power and variation to back up the guitars in a both fitting and satisfactory way. The vocals are low and growling croaks that do fit in to the soundscape, but don't add much power nor spice to it. With this bare instrumentation, the vocals could and even should have more power and authority. The few spoken lines were a good pick though.

The band aims to achieve much with little, and succeed in it pretty well - especially when compared to their mediocre "Sacred Death"-demo. Their heathen themes reflect nicely on the atmospheric and raw but not particularly aggressive songs and soundscape. It is as if the songs were telling their stories, without trying to preach, convince or convert the listener: they present their thing, and that's that.

I still would've wanted more. The songs are raw and have a good, personal feeling, but their crudeness keeps them from rising to the full height of their capabilities. The few synth notes and spoken lines spice things up nicely, and the guitar does have a strong sound which gains more diversity due to it's natural tremble. The songs just don't create the captivation that would last for a longer release, and I can only salute the band for giving this record a compact lenght and making the songs follow each other in such a seamless, natural way. The riffs would need an even more natural flow, and the faster parts would need to be executed in a more interesting manner as the bare soundscape makes them sound a bit passť.

The duo knows what it's doing: they aim to keep things simple, down to the EP's minimalistic but pleasing visual side. I hope that they succeed in tightening and refining their concept further, as it truly seems that the band would be capable of creating a gem in their genre. A pleasing and promising but not a fully satisfactory offering.

7 / 10