Perisynti ("original sin") was formed in 2003, and after releasing demo/EP and a full-lenght by 2006, they seemed to vanish for a few years - although I'm not sure how many even noticed this, as the band has never been too keen for publicity. I think it was some time in 2009 that I noticed some signs that pointed towards the band resurfacing, and in 2010 the waiting was rewarded: this EP, consisting of two songs recorded in 06/06/06, was released.

The EP is titled "Hell," the covers feature images of burning churches, and the first song starts with lighting a match. You know what you're getting. The song "Helvetti" is the more rocking one with a really good drive, and sounds pleasantly familiar with the band's previous works. The riffs are pretty simplistic ones, but their fast pace and spot-on rhythmics make sure that the song retains it's appeal for the whole five minutes. The song has two slower parts and a couple different faster riffs, and the switches between them are so evident that the listener will truly kept on his/her toes for the whole beating.

After a short clip of a female preaching we get to the slower and more preaching "666 666." It has an equally strong drive as "Helvetti," it just has a slower pace and the changes between it's different parts are not as prominent, which might cause it to sound milder in comparison. It's a good song with a simple and really powerful chorus, but it's slightly safe nature makes it "just" a good but not perfect Perisynti-track.

The band's really raw sounds give the song a good amount of edge, the vivid drums sound both fitting and interesting, and the distorted croaking vocals sound truly hostile. The bass could be more powerful, but doing so it might take some harshness away from the guitar which might really damage the songs. The songs don't rely on heaviness or force with their sound, they merely sound raw and naturally powerful.

Aside of lacking the lyrics, the 7"-EP leaves little to complain about. It's a strong return of a truly noteworthy Nordic Black Metal -group, and I hope to hear more from them soon.

8 / 10