Necrolepsy (the Finnish one) was formed sometime around 2004, and after a couple of practically unreleased rehearsal demos the band got their "official" debut demo out in 2010. You can truthfully use the word oldschool here, as "Rot In Piss" was recorded live in the band's rehearsal place, aside of the vocals which were added later on, and it was released as a tape by the band members themselves.

Based on the aforementioned facts one could expect the demo to sound oldschool as well, and luckily that is the case here. The bass and electric guitars are entangled to form a one powerful, damp and bassy rumble, which is accompanied by (in comparison) rather clear drumming and growls and shouts which use the traditional echo-effect to maximize their evil sound. The songs are mostly mid-tempo ones with occasional faster shreds and even doomy moments, but the main weight is on the steady and slightly jamming death metal.

The demo is a live recording, and it can be heard in both a positive and negative way. As the members play well together the songs go forward in a natural way, and have a really appealing dark and dusty atmosphere to them. The band's honest attitude and dedication can be heard, but so can their youth; they haven't yet found their strenghts which they should focus on to bring out the best sides and the core values of their expression. The damp soundscape gives the demo an authentic feel and atmosphere, but also eats away some power and depth from the riffs and the guitar sound overall.

It seems that Necrolepsy is on the way of creating something of their own here, but they just don't bring it out in the best possible way on this demo. It's a promising debut, for sure, and the group seems to have the right chemistry and their own concept to push their expression further - both as individual musicians and as a group.

3 / 5