Frozen Semen got into it's operative form between the years 2005 and 2007. By the year 2008, the previously a cover-band was ready to hit the studio for the first time to record their own material; this trip resulted in an internet-only demo. The band kept on rehearsing and making some live appearances, and finally got their debut physical demo "Artificial Insemination" out in 2010. The band emphasizes the importance of their live gigs, and it shows on the demo too: it was recorded live in the band's rehearsal place, aside of the vocals and solos which were added later on.

The band's style is a mixture of older thrash and heavy metal, with some more modern metal-elements thrown in as a spice. The songs tie the high energy levels and guitar solos from heavy metal together with the harshness and shredding of thrash metal. The end result sounds like melodic thrash played in an oldschool manner, with the expression every now and then slipping to a more pure form of either of the two main genres. The overall feeling is both aggressive and positive, and decently catchy as well. This kind of music is meant to be played and headbanged live, so I can't really wonder why the band likes to play gigs.

The guitar sound is harsh and raw, but also too soft and one-dimensional, which eats away some of the power and memorability from the otherwise good and energetic riffs. It's a mix that fits both heavy and thrash metal, but doesn't really stand out as good or make an impact. The bass guitar in the back has a blurry and droningly pounding sound, which makes it give little to the compositions. It fits well together with the guitars, though. The drums share similar properties as the guitars; they're organic and nicely audible, but would need more power. I would recommend the band to get some better recording equipment to help them to get more power out of their instruments, in order to create a more deep and detailed soundscape - at least if they intend to keep recording this way, that is. The vocals are high and hoarse shouts and screams, and stick out quite a bit from the music itself. They might annoy some people due to their rather crossover sound, but in my opinion they're an asset the band should learn to take more out of, as they really catch one's attention, evoke thoughts, and are capable of delivering aggression. Now they're just too much apart from the music, making them sound slightly irrelevant and too attention-grabbing, causing the songs to be less memorable. I hope that in the future they'll be better imbued to the music, and will have a bit more variation to them.

The demo presents a band with an unpolished style, but it seems to me that they're enthusiastic and capable of taking their music to the next level. Frozen Semen's mixture of thrash and heavy metal already has some personal qualities, but it's still audible that they don't have an own specific style which they could focus on. So, I hope that the band keeps on rehearsing and playing gigs in order to get a better grasp of their music and style, and so that they could find their strenghts and weaknesses.

3 / 5